• http://www.davidnrothwell.com/ David Rothwell

    Hi Rick,

    thanks for the article, I love your “blowtorch” analogy!

    the question is not “are you ready for the new shopping campaigns?”, but “are the new shopping campaigns ready for us?”

    And I would say – nowhere near.

    For a start the current version of AdWords Editor is incompatible, making any bulk management impossible. So that’s a complete show-stopper for me.

    Also, I am still able to achieve 100% ecommerce conversion rates at $0.01c per click and conversion with the existing PLA structure when broken down into individual ad groups per product ID (in spite of everyone saying what a bad idea that is).


  • Matt Mitchell

    Is anyone else having issues with the new shopping campaigns not showing any data in Adwords (0 clicks and 0 impressions), even if the Shopping PLA ads are actively running in SERPs?

  • http://cardinalpath.com/blog Bethany Bey

    Completely agree David. The new shopping campaigns don’t allow me to have the control I need to get the most return. I hope this doesn’t become the standard, unless improvements are made, but I feel AdWords is leans toward making the system “easy” at the expense of manager control.

  • http://www.adseed.de/ Tim Hübler

    Some good points especially the advice towards the new restriction in number of customizable parameters. So far judging from my experience there is no benefit of switching to Shopping if you’ve got a well build PLA campaign running. I liked to seperate products after ID and give every product a single ad group (if possible with a reasonable amount of products) and I don’t see it as a bad idea either. That’s gone now, as well as the option to use the editor, like David noted below, which really makes it soooo time consuming to work through products and their bids…

  • Lucas von Fürstenberg

    As long as we can’t migrate our existing campaigns into the new shopping campaigns (and manage them via the editor) it makes no sense to switch.
    Unfortunately PLAs will get easier to handle and competitive advantages of us will vanish.