• http://www.gamerstube.com Joe Youngblood

    i’d sell my company to MS Online :)

  • BrentW

    Good questions. None of which MS’s management has bothered to answer for investors. Imagine losing over $9 billion without thinking that maybe you owe it to investors to explain your thinking process and investment thesis. Then they wonder why the stock continues its decade long decline.

    Bing looks like a repeat of Xbox, only less successful from a market share perspective and even more money lost. It has already lost more than Xbox ever did, which is quite an achievement.

    I guess users benefit from the extra competition in the short term. Certainly Google has been motivated to copy several of Bing’s better features. But the losses make it ultimately unsustainable. So the long term benefit for users is unclear, and for shareholders of MS they’re clearly horrible.

    I don’t envy Ballmer’s replacement. He’s going to inherit a real mess after a decade of incompetence. And I have to believe that at that stage (<2 years), if Bing is still hemorrhaging red ink, cutting it is going to look pretty attractive regardless of how "strategic" it might be.

  • http://www.CraigCockburn.com Craig Cockburn

    Wrote about this in 2008. http://blog.siliconglen.com/2008/07/yahoo-how-to-take-on-google-and.html Google is, only 3 years later now beginning to do what I was researching 3 years ago. Yahoo and Microsoft had a wide open door and completely missed it. There’s still an opportunity there but I just don’t think there’s any serious innovation in Bing land. All their are doing is playing catch up with Google and they will ultimately lose that game.

    Google’s still poor at certain searches and there is no clear route to semantic searching. http://blog.siliconglen.com/2011/07/note-to-larry-page-of-google.html

    Contact me if you are serious about taking market share from Google.

    author of the UKs first guide to getting online. Inventor of early browser.

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    You keep using queries as a search market metric as if it actually means something. Do you count page views to determine how well you’re doing with your own Websites?

    Search market share is much more complex than number of queries performed. Each search engine has a core user audience that won’t use the other services. Beyond that core user audience they share a huge audience of people who jump from search tool to search tool, some more in one direction, others more in the opposite direction.

    In terms of what the real market is, the only way to measure that is to look at how much traffic the search engines are sending to other sites. A couple of the metrics services have begun estimating that kind of data.

    It would be nice if the SEO industry moved into the 21st century of measuring search market share as well.

    Until then, all analyses of who stands where and who may last or not last are really just fluffed poofery.

    And, in fact, the real discussion has nothing to do with “search market share” anyway — it’s all about search advertising revenue, which is driven by auction algorithms that NO third-parties are measuring.

  • http://thirddoormedia.com Ezer

    The logical answer is to spin Bing off as a venture backed or publicly traded company, thus relieving Microsoft investors of the burden.

    Reforming the organization would be difficult, but with the aid of skilled operators and the specter of bankruptcy hanging over those operators’ heads, it could be done and would be done in short order. Desperation is the mother of invention, as we all know.