• RobAndrews

    A truly great article Vanessa.

    I have been noticing the change in Google’s ability to crawl JavaScript too. However, I didn’t realise that they would be letting it pass PageRank and anchor text. I thought the previous ways that they have advised on setting up paid posts would have stopped that i.e. use JavaScript!

    I guess when you make the rules, you make the rules…

    I have some fantastic (white hat) links that could only be done with a JavaScript link (corporate policy sort of thing…). Let’s see if these can now add some weight to the link profile.

  • http://magiczne.seoisem.pl Bartek Krzemień

    Thanks Vanessa, this was awesome reading.

  • http://fernando-comet.blogspot.com fernandocomet

    You can do what Flex Framework does with Flash and Gaia Framework