• bluelightzero

    Cool finally! It’s easier to pic icons than read through text. Although the images icon does not make sense and should be a gallery icon.

  • Marc Razia

    Artistically this looks nicer with the colors and I am sure there is more to the unifying aspect than I have considered, but this again seems to require two steps to accomplish what we can currently do in one step using the black bar.

    If the purpose is to handle the Action Overflow why not let us customers the black bar so the Google services we use the most individuality will appear and then adding the overflow button for everything else. They could also change the black bar to a more colorful bar that would match artistically to everything else. I’ve never liked the look of the bar but I prefer it based on its practicality.

  • https://twitter.com/sanketpatel Sanket Patel

    Google operating systems featured new look is such a more potential. It expand more essential services for various google websites behaviour on android and chromebooks. The box icon options make work very easy.

  • CAC1031

    There are extensions to both customize the black bar and change its color: Look for “Big G Black Bar Sorter” and “Google Bar Colour Changer” in the Chrome web store.