• http://epointdigital.com/ David Prochaska

    Interesting article on the return from content production for the various types of companies. I really like the increased year-to-year organic search engine growth in the Digital Marketing Software Vendor! I believe in at least having a once a week blog post, maybe once every two week video, and daily social interaction. That’s the minimum for myself, but everyone and every industry is different.

  • derekedmond

    Thanks for stopping by to comment David. You’re definitely correct that a scope of activity will be different for every organization and business challenge.

  • http://www.it-sales-leads.com/ Barbara Mckinney

    At the end of the day only you can decide how much content is enough to help push your SEO program to the next level. Getting into the swing of routinely blogging is oftentimes a lot more complicated than most site owners expect it to be and you don’t want to burn out too quickly. As you get more and more comfortable producing content you can start to push the amount up and see what kind of growth you can achieve with two posts a week, or even one a day.

  • Patrick Nelissen 

    Hi Derek. Thanks for sharing this great analysis! You hardly find analyses with a timeframe of two years.

    Did you also research channels like Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram? You are mentioning infographics and video messages. I am wondering what the impact is if you use these social media platforms. My feeling says that it’s should make a positive impact, but it would be nice if it’s validated by stats.

  • derekedmond

    Hi Barbara – agreed on all points! Make sure that decision is based off of competitive review as well though. Thanks for taking the time to comment

  • derekedmond

    Thank you for commenting and the compliment Patrick! In the three cases above, there was minimal direct activity in Pinterest and Instagram (anything that happened there was totally organic) I’d say largely because of the heavy B2B focus.

    There was some play in YouTube, particularly for the technology publisher, but unfortunately I didn’t have access to YouTube data for review :-(

  • Allie

    Yes content promotion does help business promotion through SEO. But there has to be proper coordination and clear communication among the business owners, content writers and SEO people. They should be crystal clear of their roles and what is expected of them and in which direction they need to work. The quality of content does matter a lot in deciding whether a business’s efforts will pay as projected or not. But SEO team has to be smart enough, looking and thinking along new lines and ideas. Content quantity should be managed properly. It should be increased with passage of time as individuals involved in such efforts learn more and become more confident.

  • http://corymarketing.com/ Cory Torrella

    For my clients, we have had huge success spending less time creating content and more time marketing the in-depth content we already have. The rule of thumb is 20% content creation and 80% marketing that content. And as much as I disagree with “more is better” – it often is – depending on your competition and industry.

    Great case study article, Derek.

  • http://www.geneeugenio.com Gene Eugenio

    The best content marketing is worth more than the links it earns from authority sites. The best content marketing is all about building credibility with influencers in vertical social channels. Of course, this has to be modified from industry to industry, but you get the gist.

  • derekedmond

    Thanks Cory – appreciate the comment!

  • http://contentplusdesign.com/ Bart De Pelsmaeker

    Loved this. Thank you for the in-depth analysis. I do wonder though how the effectiveness of content is going to evolve now that we are seeing what is almost a content deluge. And I must agree with @corytorrella:disqus – I dont like it but more is still better today.

  • derekedmond

    Thanks Bart! To clarify – a high quality “more” is better, not just a flood of poorly developed material (imho)