• Ronnie’s Mustache

    I’m always skeptical when a market vendor releases a “study”.

    But this seems to be accurate and useful information. Though 25% waste seems a bit low to me.

    We’ve found that limited budgets, at least during the early stages of PPC advertising, lead to poor campaign performance. Yes, there may be a less than desirable ROI initially; but the data gathered from the matched search queries alone is usually worth the spend.

    Every marketing/advertising channel has waste. And most don’t offer the ability to make adjustments as quickly as PPC. The level of campaign tracking and attribution available now is amazing.

    Still, The bottom line is: ADWORDS/PPC IS COMPLICATED! There have been more changes in the past 12 months than in the previous 10 years!

  • Lauren

    Your bottom line is very true!! (Also, love the user name- haha) I
    can’t tell you how many small businesses we’ve had to turn away because
    they couldn’t get their PPC accounts to work for them, yet they couldn’t
    afford agency fees. The only thing I’ve seen work for these SMBs are
    tools and the ones that are effective are $$$. A new tool that is proving effective is free while in beta. You can set up performance targets for your account and then it gives recommendations and tells you how to implement them, thus quickly cutting bad spend. http://addion.com/platform/overview