• http://www.gamerstube.com Joe Youngblood

    the long and short of it is, Facebook can block google and lose ad revenue or shut up.

  • Khan H. Ayon

    It’s about money not unauthorized use data as m, mentioned by Facebook. It proves the competition that Facebook may face due to Google 1+.

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    I can say it more simply. I just logged in to that service and Google says I have a blank slate. It shows precisely two links that I have supplied to Google through other services, and neither is my Facebook account.

  • bobsawyer20

    Facebook wins this PR battle when, and only when, they show that Google has disseminated an individual’s personal information beyond what that individual intended.

    It’s not clear to me that Google has done that with Google Social Search, or Google Social Circle, or Google Social Circles. But this is the issue that sunk Google Buzz, and after a year or so Google still can’t get Buzz privacy right. As one example, Google will tell you that Buzz is turned off, if you have turned it off, but nowhere will Google tell you that Buzz is disabled, if you have disable it.

  • bobsawyer20

    Here is an acid test. Google Social Search will show results from “connections of your connections.” Let’s say someone, “Alice,” has 4 Google Connections, and also includes her Facebook page on her Google Profile. However, Alice only allows her Facebook Friends to see who her Facebook Friends are. Let’s further stipulate that “Bob.” is a Google Connection (but not a Facebook Friend) of Alice, and “Cathy” is a Facebook Friend of Alice. When Bob looks on http://www.google.com/s2/search/social, can he see Cathy as a “Secondary connection,” via Alice? If so, that would violate Alice’s Facebook privacy settings.

  • http://www.kemeny.cl Francisco Kemeny

    ok, so I did make it to the end.. massive post!

    i see two things that could eventually happen… the first, Facebook should limit the amount of information that is public. This means – not showing conections between users, and closing public pages. This would make no sense. Second, Google could ignore all of facebook data.. this would just make the web a bi-party place, making it useless for end users.

    Facebook needs to open up. Being a walled garden will harm it in the long run. Googles openness has made it Google.

    thanks for clearing up the issue!

    best regards,

  • C.B.

    Obviously, Google can suck out all the infos out of Facebook in two afternoons. Simply using a Chrome Extension, simply using browser Toolbars. They will do it with somekind of warning to the user, but it will be in the users interest. Basically there will be a new Google Social service, and anyone can opt-in to import all their Facebook friends into that. It may not be a one-click process, Google may ask the user to manually browse onto their facebook and visit certain lists of their friends and such, to allow for the Google snooping system to snoop out those infos.

    Google only needs about 20% of facebook users to do that, and Google will basically have a copy of about 98% of Facebook’s social graph. That is, because those 20% have so many connections it covers most of the global facebook social graph.

    From the users perspective, Google will be in the right, users want to own their own social graph informations and do not appreciate a company like facebook trying to own it and close it down. When Google has a good even better social service, everyone wants to import their contacts into that.

    Google through algorithms and other stuff does not need every contact’s email just yet, it puts pieces together once each of the users join one by one in an easy one-click process, regardless if the user already has a Google account yet.

    Bam. Facebook’s $100 Billion valuation crashes down into pieces, Zuckerberg looks for another idea to steal/implement with his hacker friends somewhere else. Hackers don’t get lucky like that twice. Though he can sell enough stock in time (like Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer do) to remain comfortably billionaire.

  • http://www.luxuryhomegate.com Sam Zilic

    Officially the war has started :)