• heidi123

    When will SERIOUS businesses realize that putting all your eggs in one basket is the single most vulnerable mistake you can make in business?!? If you depend on one traffic source then be prepared for the repercussions since you will not be in control of your traffic…GOOGLE is NOT the Internet…build your brand using Google but not WITH Google…they have shareholders to please and profits to report…they DO NOT care about your businesses…find a way of using Google to build your brand by allocating only 25% or less to a single traffic source…in the long run make your visitors type YOUR domain name in the URL bar and not search for you through Google, Bing or Yahoo!

  • http://www.sefati.net Alireza Sefati

    its clear that google did that in order to boost their PPC business which has been out of favor more many

  • D Thomas

    I wrote a bit about Big Panda here: http://www.searchinfluence.com/2011/03/google-farmer-update/

    Basically, I saw all four sites listed here in the study I did…. I can not only understand, but also agree that they are of low quality to the user. Furthermore, heidi123 brings up a serious point: If you are only seeking to generate one-off clients from Google results, why bother optimizing for it? Build a brand, like TheFind seeks to do, and attract business the same ways businesses have done for centuries. That your storefront isn’t glass and brick should not change business fundamentals.

  • http://www.writersear.com/ mdmcginn

    Interesting about MerchantCircle. Google claims they did this to help to help local businesses, while MerchantCircle claims they exist to help local businesses. The problem is that such sites (Google Places being the worst, ironically) typically include directory information from other sources, supposedly to fill in for businesses that haven’t created custom listings. But the result is that, though many small businesses get included this way, most listings end up being worthless, nothing more than an outdated online White Pages book. That’s what we remember and that’s what Googlebot sees. Maybe MerchantCircle should bite the bullet and remove every listing that doesn’t include unique content. You don’t see boring, empty listings on Yelp. If there are no reviews, there’s no listing.

  • http://www.tcampbell.net T Campbell

    Widgetitis.com had this to say:

    “We believe that the adverse effect on our traffic is permanent. Frankly, we’re surprised that Google gave our crappy content a free ride for so long. We are a blight upon the Internet, and periodic updates in a search algorithm are like the sword of a stern but just God, consigning us to the traffic hell we richly deserve.”

  • Lishye Oktaviani

    I wonder, could anybody tell me????
    there seems to be a lot of duplicated content on these websites below (more than 100 sites). You cant imagine how many sites have the same content. but the sites seems to still rank well for their target keywords, in fact very well…, is the panda update selective for certain industries only ? or is there a better more appropriate definition of the Panda update ?