• Dean

    Look like they’ve taken away the ability to export as a PDF. That kills me

  • http://www.seofaction.com Zachary Schuessler

    Can’t wait to use it, although really there’s nothing wrong with the current design IMO

  • http://www.windfery.com Robert Lloyd

    The addition of graphs in the dashboard is a life saver. Hopefully this means less work in excel and improved usability for our clients.

  • http://www.strategyinternetmarketing.co.uk/pay-per-results-seo.html John Courtney

    Looks very useful, our digital strategists are crawling all over this right now

  • http://www.lakestarmedia.com/ Neil Yeomans

    And the ‘killer app’, multi-touch attribution, is still missing.

  • http://blog.webpro.in WebPro Technologies

    Looks like some great improvements ahead.

    I wish the SERP the ranking position would also be displayed on with the keyword drilldown at the time of the click as that would be a great help for SEOs and it would reduce the use of third party tools greatly.

  • http://www.intextra.com intextra.web

    I agree with Zachary, UI wasn’t an issue, integration with Website Optimser and Webmaster etc is much higher on my wish list.

  • http://searchengineland.com Jonathan Hochman

    Daniel, does it work on the iPad? Currently AdWords and My Client Center have multiple critical flaws. Interestingly, Microsoft adCenter works very well on iOS.

    When I go to meetings with clients the iPad is a really useful tool. Regrettably, when a client asks even a simple question about their AdWords account, or makes a simple request such as “turn on this campaign”, I can’t help them instantly.

    Google needs to get with it, and stop being such a dinosaur.

  • http://www.highlyrelevant.com/ H.R.

    Am I missing something or can you no longer export as a PDF?

  • http://online-behavior.com/author/daniel-waisberg Daniel Waisberg

    @ Dean and H.R.

    The pdf export function was not removed. It is still missing as a result of the transition but will be back soon.

    @ Neil and intextra.web and Jonathan

    All the improvements you mention are extremely important and I couldn’t agree more with them. But I think the main importance of this new version is “enhance the Google Analytics platform to bring you major new functionality” (quoting the launch post). Google has worked on a major new platform which will enable faster releases and amazing new features to come…

    Stay tuned :-)

  • http://www.thinkaroundcorners.biz T.A.C.

    Sweet! I especially like the Customized Dashboard thing… setting THAT up for all clients, let me tell you.

  • aberns

    Thanks for the article! I’m having 2 major problems with the update, but maybe I’m missing something:

    – On the new dashboard, you can’t customize anything, so you can choose to show a widget that contains “Source/Medium” but I can’t have it just show me where source is “cpc”. You mention this above by saying that you can no longer add to dashboard from a report, but what is the work around. Without that, I find the new dashboard useless.

    – Similar to that, when I’m on a Source report, the search functionality no longer allows for regular expressions, so I can’t search on google|bing or cpc|organic to filter my results. This seems very strange.