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    Hello Annie, such a clean article, love to read your post & learn a lot from it.

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    One of the most helpful of these types of articles I have ever read.

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    This is probably the most interesting post that i have read the last moths.

    Thank you!

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    Great tip!

    Funnily enough I created a video about this but using a custom profile instead!


    I guess there is always more than one way to skin a cat =D

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    You save my day in fact a client didn’t create custom tags for every subdomain and I was wondering how to get full landing pages URLs. Thanks for sharing

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    Really excellent tips on this post. The one about extending the output of the report to all lines will come in really handy, and the pivot table has already highlighted several web sites I should be working more closely with. Much appreciated.

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    Excellent suggestions and thank you for sharing the reports. Landing page report over multiple sub-domains is so helpful.

  • Guest

    I’ll sheepishly admit that I’m not as proficient with Excel as I should be. I can’t get a pivot table that looks like the example image above. I’ve tried the following process with both CSV and Excel (XLSX) files: 1) Highlight all data 2) Choose “insert pivot table” 3) Select “full referrer” etc.

    The data is listed simply by URL, not grouped by domain. What I am not doing?

  • http://www.annielytics.com/ Annie Cushing

    Thanks! Happy to hear that!

  • http://www.annielytics.com/ Annie Cushing

    Sorry I missed this! You can just pull source into the Row Labels field, above the URLs. If you want to send me your spreadsheet, I can help you! annie@annielytics.com.

  • http://www.annielytics.com/ Annie Cushing

    You’re welcome! :)

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    My pleasure, Gary! I love to hear reports like this!

  • http://www.annielytics.com/ Annie Cushing

    Yeah, I really don’t like separating data into separate profiles. In Avinash Kaushik’s web analytics certification course, he made a compelling case against doing that but using segments instead. I still use them for very large sites though, as long as I have a profile that contains everything (besides the raw data profile).

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    Wow. Thanks, Jeff!

  • http://www.annielytics.com/ Annie Cushing

    Thanks, Sandeep! Appreciate that. :)

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    I’m trying to get full referral URLs from YouTube but for some reason all I get is /watch and /user/username. I can’t get to the full YouTube URL that got a user to my site. Any ideas?

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    Love this. Immediate tactics that I can use with very little effort. Thanks!

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    Sorry, Cortney. I missed this! Do you want to email me at annie(at)annielytics.com.

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    Perfect! Glad it helps. :)

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    Informative article! You also get credit for motivating me to create custom reports for filtering search refinements by full referral.