• http://www.antezeta.com/blog/ Sean Carlos

    Excellent article. I’d just add that there are two more options which might be of interest.

    The first is utm_nooverride=1 which says to credit the first campaign which brought a user to the site for any subsequent conversion.

    The second option is to use a # (URL fragment) instead of a ? to specify the beginning of Google Analytics campaign tracking parameters. This solution is helpful to avoid SEO duplicate content issues but does require extra GA configuration, namely the “_setAllowAnchor” option.

    I’ve created an advanced campaign tracking configurator to facilitate quick setting of campaign parameters, including these options.

  • peter_oneill

    Hi Klaas,

    A couple of other channels to keep in mind with GA campaign tagging are offline marketing (via QR codes or vanity URLs) and the links generated when visitors click on social sharing buttons on your content (different from the link you share yourself).

    I created Excel based tools to help easily generate URLs incorporating GA campaign parameters across all channels (specific ones for social media and paid search) which are freely available at http://bit.ly/pAbI5v. The tools offer the benefits of standardising names used to avoid one of the major campaign tagging issues you describe and you can record all URLs generated too.



  • http://andrescholten.net André Scholten

    A good tip is to take the Google URL builder and rebuild it with some predefined values. Than you have an URL Builder specific for your company. And if people want new sources or campaigns they can ask you to add it.

  • http://searchengineland.com Klaas Knook

    Hi Sean, Peter and Andre! Thanks for the comments, these suggestions will definitely help people with the tagging of their campaigns!

  • http://www.foretaster.com Peter Fabor

    There are many tools better than URL Builder by Google. I like for example this one by Performable: http://super.hubspot.com/url-builder

    I also did my own (with some inspiration by André) – Simple Tag: http://www.foretaster.com/simpletag

    (attention: it’s very very simple :-))