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    This is hocus pocus slight of hand SEO bs, how about writing great content that everyone wants to read — that is what we should be focusing on. Don’t write your website to please Google, write it to please readers.

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    If anything, I would say that what was happening pre-11/03 was more inline with manipulative practices designed purely for rankings. Even using the strategies outlined in this post, it’s still about creating quality copy – with a blend of keyword sensitivity – that provides value to the reader.

    Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to drastically change how people write. If they were writing well beforehand (or are learning to), it becomes another step in the process for creating good content for online consumption.

  • http://www.craigsblog.com Craig

    The problem is that the writer has a bias. To ask the author to self tag or ‘write for online consumption’ becomes completely self serving. Let the users and the search engines decide on the quality and rank of online content.

    Social bookmarking, and Syndication methods make it completely unnecessary for SEO. Google is yanking our chain every time the modify their algorithm, or producing a document that refers to ‘excessive linking’ instead just ‘ordinary linking’ — SEO community get a life — build and foster technology that will empower the users to determine the quality of content – not the site owners and not the search engines.

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    Just curious but is the “Mixing it up & Changing word order” based on research or is a speculative guess about what SEs ought to do and might be doing to reduce spam and make the results more relevant.

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    Good article, Aaron. It’s so very much about the art of SEO these days. It actually always has been, but as Google has gotten better, it’s become even more so.

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    like a journalist

    ah so full of mistakes and bias then :-)