• Michael Cottam

    Great job, Janet…well explained! Question: have you ever seen a case where the structured data testing tool totally fails to read the page? I’ve seen this with 2 different clients…you just get an “Invalid URL” message back. I’ve gone through the obvious HTML validation etc. but no success.

  • http://sandeep-pattanaik.blogspot.com/ Sandeep Pattanaik

    Good work Janet. I am also gona test it.

  • http://www.over50choices.co.uk/ Ashley Shepherd

    Can i check, so if I guest post on another site & want to link back to my site rather than my G+ account, if i link back to my own onsite blog that has Author=Rel set up, will this give me authorship?

  • http://www.WebMechanix.com/ Arsham Mirshah

    Awesome infographic — definitely took some thought :)
    An awesome resource I use all the time to test authorship:

    If it works, you’ll see a preview of what the SERP would look like with your face next to the article. :)

  • alexei_aus

    Great explanation. I’ve come across number of sites that didn’t display author image properly.

  • http://www.squirrly.co/ Alexandra Petean-Nicola

    Great structure of the infographic. I don’t think you’ve missed any problem that can come up with establishing Authorship of articles on a site.

  • http://www.mikepedersen.com/ Mike Pedersen

    I have a client where authorship was coming up 100% of the time and now it’s gone. Any ideas why?

  • StephanieWarthe

    Thank you so much for this, extremely well documented and laid out! I actually didn’t know that Google only showed one auhorship rich snippet per author per page, turns out everything was working fine. Thanks for the help, much appreciated!

  • http://itsiti.com/ Siti

    Perfect! Very structured explanations. No wonder mine is still not working!

  • johndisoja

    perfect and admirable job.

  • Nicky Helmkamp

    Hey Janet- Awesome article! We included it in our monthly round up http://www.northcutt.com/blog/2013/12/november-resource-round-up-best-of-seo-social-media-content-marketing/


  • samrex

    Suhweet.. now somebody tell +Google to add this to their authorship how-to page :)

  • Linda Mark

    fix everything ok but 7 days not see anything change in SERP

  • Roger Grant

    Janet, I’m on a Windows 7 box doing some testing with Google Authorship. Any ideas why Google Authorship doesn’t always display the author’s picture in IE 11.x? It seems to work fine in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. For example, if you Google the term “google authorship,” your picture is not displayed in the SERPs for IE 11.x.

  • http://black-dog-consulting.com/ BlackDogConsulting

    Useful points, setting up authorship does seem to be more complex than it needs to be.