• FernandoGarces

    Thank you for the article, Matt. I, too, struggle with non-performing keywords that show no activity. That poses the question, though: How are those keywords hurting me if they have no impressions, obviously no CTR, and no cost? Does Google lower my overall quality score for having these keywords?

  • http://www.findmefaster.com Matt Van Wagner

    You are welcome, Fernando.
    Interesting question!

    My gut reaction was that there should be no impact on QS, but I wasn’t sure, so I checked with folks at Google, who confirmed that there is no QS impact for zero impression KWs. However, if the keywords aren’t doing anything for you, it is better to go after other, perhaps broader versions of those KWs to try to gain some traction with them.

    I checked in with some folks at Yahoo on the same topic for adCenter and their answer is about the same, too, with a slight twist. If you have so many non-relevant terms that you trip one of their spam/arbitrage filters, your account’s ability to serve ads could be demoted. That’s probably not going to be a problem for most advertisers, but a good spring-cleaning of your keyword lists will ensure it never is.