• http://www.alittlebranding.com Bob Strassel Jr.

    Hey Scott, Great Post! I couldn’t agree more with “experiences”. Experiences are shaped by user intent, I think that many landing pages are missing the big picture or don’t understand the intent of the consumer may not be the same as the intent of the marketer or the message. Obviously conversion is the goal, but at what expense? A poor experience on a landing page, (beside a low conversion rate) could effect the overall first impression with a brand and also lead to a poor interpretation of the brand message and prevent any future interaction. More often than not landing page misalignment or rather dis-alignment from the brand is the road to nowhere.
    – I also think that “less is the new “more”. Thanks again for sharing. – Bob

  • http://twitter.com/emlynaddison Emlyn Addison

    This article PRECISELY outlines just about my entire web design philosophy: reduce what it is you do, who it is you serve, and what it is you & they want from a transaction into a single sentence (or paragraph, if necessary), which itself should be representable as something–a concept, an action, an emotion–visually. Period. All the rest is fluff.

    As for the 5% conversion rate–who in God’s name are these 1-out-of-20 people who actually pay money to these Internet bottom feeders? No doubt the same people who keep telemarketing phone scams in business. I’m about to choose a digit…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1134144353 Kevin Dale

    A “bounce” isn’t someone that “choose(s) to immediately hit the back button”. It means that they didn’t go to another page on the website. That page at the top of your article looks like it provides everything the customer needs to do business with the company. An accurate index of the page effectiveness is how many customers chose to interact. 

  • http://goo.gl/FyquM Maurine W. Sigmund

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  • http://www.alittlebranding.com Bob Strassel Jr.

    Maurine, Thanks for the spam…How ironic, that you just provided an example of what what Scottt, myself and Emlyn are talking about…

  • Athena Catedral

    The samples are great and the concepts make for a more refined approach to conversions. Appreciate the post. 

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  • http://twitter.com/directcopy Scott Martin

    I guess, because I’m a direct response copywriter, that I’m guilty of writing those ‘cliché’ landing pages. But they work. I understand the post and its theme but it would be a mistake to abandon what’s been working really well for a lot of companies. The real key is to test the new approach–dedicating just 10% of resources to the ‘new’ methods.

  • http://twitter.com/chiefmartec Scott Brinker

    Thanks for all the great comments! A few thoughts in reaction:

    1. Completely agree that if something is working for you, no need throw it out. But I also agree that testing different approaches is a great way to see if there are ways it might work better.

    2. Not every landing experience needs to be multiple pages. If a single page landing page gives the respondent the best experience in a particular context, use it with pride. But in contexts where that maybe isn’t the best, I hope you’ll feel more freedom to experiment with other approaches.

    3. A “bounce” is not the same as a “non-conversion”, and I kind of muddled those in my “95%” claim. There was a little dramatic license there. The essence of my rant there was that most landing pages have a relatively low success rate given that the traffic coming to them from PPC were explicit, intentional clicks on an ad.

    4. Direct response copywriters are golden, and no offense intended to them! :-) But I also think their talents can be applied in other creative formats — possibly to even greater effect.

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  • http://twitter.com/jackie510 Jacqueline Dooley

    Great post. I’m a firm believer in using content as a sales tool, rather than paper thin landing pages. You inspired me to respond via a post on my blog here http://twelvethousandllc.com/prepare-for-landing/

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Will-Bret/100001753924810 Will Bret

    The value of a landing page is simple.   It must offer content which makes a potential consumer want to, read all about it, whatever the copywriting is about.  

    You are right on the money–death will be the result of a landing page that has no opportunity of discovery.  Better yet, with the right copywriting, you will develop a “Landing Page MLS, Solution”.   

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