• smichaelgriffin

    Great info – especially tip #2. I’ve just started exploring scripts and look forward to trying out your ideas!
    Only thing I’d add: for us script-beginners it’s helpful to know where add/edit them.
    (In the Campaigns tab under “Bulk Operations”)

  • Pat Grady

    Smart people in my ecosystem, smarter than me. Very healthy situation!

  • Rajesh Magar

    Great article of-course. But my self is quite newbies with these topic “Adword Script” . So could you list some of great resources to star with will be more appreciate.

  • http://www.esocialmedia.com Jerry Nordstrom

    Great topic and very useful information @Frederick. 10 years building AW, so you were there from the start – You’re a fantastic resource here at SEL.

  • Auke Jongbloed

    For me quality score is an real important metric so the first tip is spot on! Thanks for that. I am not a real developer I must say and I am hoping you could get me on the right track in finding out how I can build a script like you mention.

    I have trouble in finding out how I can build a spreadsheet witch keeps old data instead of overwriting the old data. For now I have only one day worth of data…

    Maybe you could get me in the right direction where to find my answers in writing a great script for historical QS score.



  • Auke Jongbloed

    I have found this great post about tracking keyword quality score. It is a bit different but still a good starting point. It is a post from Martin Roettgerding, head of SEM at agency Bloofusion Germany. He wrote the next post: http://www.ppc-epiphany.com/2013/01/26/adwords-quality-score-tracker-version-2-0-now-with-labels/

  • Russell Savage

    I run the blog http://freeadwordsscripts.com that has many examples of what you can do with AdWords Scripts. I am always looking for new ideas for scripts so if you stop by in the next few days, i may have some of these examples up and running.

  • http://twitter.com/ChristianBk Christian Bullock

    So, the Quality Score script… care to share? :)

  • http://roma.net.ua Роман Рыбальченко

    Link doesn’t work (

  • http://www.facebook.com/ayman.brbr Ayman Albarbary

    Link is dead

  • http://deepfootprints.co.uk/ Joel Chudleigh

    Great article Frederick – to be honest a lot of PPC articles on SEL have been a bit fluffy of late and you have turned that around big time. This is actionable and holds great time saving and performance improving opportunities – thanks.