• http://michaelsilverwood.ca Michael Silverwood

    Great news, I was just trying to get better metrics on my social media accounts in Google Analytics today.

    I also found it helpful that HootSuite lets you add custom URL parameters to your shortened links so that you can track them in Google Analytics. This way, when someone clicks your link you’ll know they got the link from social media (otherwise they show up as direct traffic). You can set all sorts of different sources if you like to find out if the link was clicked in an email newsletter etc. (links clicked in emails would also show up as direct traffic unless you have a source added).

    You can do it without HootSuite too I believe, just by adding “?utm_source=socialmedia” to the end of your URLs if you wanted to know when someone clicked it in a Tweet etc.

  • A.L.

    This is just another further indication that Google is going to start using these social signals as an additional to their ranking algorithm.

    Michael, good call on the Hootsuite parameter! I am going to implement that immediately.

  • http://online-behavior.com/author/daniel-waisberg Daniel Waisberg

    Michael, that is really interesting. But just to differentiate, this feature is about measuring how and what people share on your website, while your example shows how to measure people coming from those sources. If you have both set up you will get tons of valuable insights.

  • http://www.GrowTraffic.co.uk Simon Dalley

    finally something we can get our teeth into – everyone know that social media marketing is important – but with no data to back it up it’s always been diffituclt to justify it and virtually impossible to seriously talk about ROI

  • http://twitter.com/aprilewilson April Wilson

    Daniel, I’m probably a big dumb dummy about this, but the tracking tag for social that you outline (the _trackSocial) – how do you implement that on your other social sites (i.e. Facebook)? Is it something you have to manually add to anything you post?

    Maybe I just need more coffee.

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