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Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: Just Weeks Away, A Preview Of The Google +1 Button For Websites Today at the Google I/O conference, Google gave developers a preview of how the Google +1 button can be […]

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Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Just Weeks Away, A Preview Of The Google +1 Button For Websites

    Today at the Google I/O conference, Google gave developers a preview of how the Google +1 button can be inserted into websites, some of the stats it will offer and said it would be available “in a matter of weeks.” The button will have a counter display similar to how other buttons from Facebook and […]

  • Google Fails To Sway Indian Government On Web Content Restrictions

    The Indian government has enacted tough restrictions on Internet content and publishers, ignoring objections detailed by Google in a confidential memo earlier this year. According to the Wall Street Journal, the new rules in India place what appears to be a heavy burden on websites to ban users from publishing certain types of content and […]

  • Google Launches Streaming Movies & Music

    As widely expected Google launched its Music beta today at the Google developer conference, I/O. Right now the service is US only and invitation only. Users can store 20,000 songs and the service is free (for the time being). By implication Google Music will become a paid-service at some point in the future. No Music […]

  • Google AdWords Can Now Target Tablets Separately

    Just as Google began to allow users to separate their AdWords campaigns on smartphones from their PC campaigns, the company is now letting advertisers separately target tablets. It becomes another check box on the AdWords “networks and devices” screen. Here’s what Google said in its blog post: In the next couple of weeks, the “Networks […]

  • It’s Panda Update 2.1, Not Panda 3.0, Google Says

    There have been rumblings that Google has unveiled another huge algorithm change being dubbed “Panda 3.0″ in some quarters. Officially, Google says it’s not so. Only a minor update, “far smaller” than Panda 2, has happened. Changes have been spotted by some sharp-eyed SEOs over the past few days, and Google agrees that there were […]

  • 9 Key Considerations For Selecting An International Search Agency

    At the last International Search Summit in San Jose, one of the most common questions I received was how to hire an international search agency. My standard answer was… “it depends on your needs, your organizational structure, budget and ability to deploy them effectively from either a corporate, regional or local office.” For the sake […]

  • Live Blogging The Google I/O 2011 Day 1 Keynote

    Are you ready! We’ve got Google Music coming! Maybe. Certainly some Android or Chrome announcements to come, here at the first day of the Google I/O developers conference. The keynote begins at 9am PT. So does my live blogging. Seriously, there is some expectation that Google Music 3.0, a cloud-based music system, will get aired […]

  • Social Profiles: It’s Quality, Not Quantity

    A couple of weeks ago, I spoke at the excellent SMX Sydney conference. As usual, it was a great show with any number of fantastic speakers. Before my last session, I was preceded by the also very excellent Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz; his presentation on Social Media For SEO was, as with most of his content, must-have […]

  • Presidential Hopeful Santorum’s “Google Problem” Makes Daily Show

    Former Senator and likely Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum hasn’t yet figured out what to do about his “Google Problem” — a “Google Bomb” orchestrated by gay syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage, which results in the association of Santorum’s name with anal sex. And the search issue is getting attention from that much-watched political “fake […]

  • How To Use Free Alerts For Link Discovery

    Although my agency does use a variety of paid and free tools for various purposes, by and large, we do most of our discovery through manually searching the web. If you’ve done it, you will know that while it’s fun and interesting at times, it’s also a serious pain. It’s inefficient, it’s tedious, and you’re […]

  • Celebrates 15th Birthday the social search/Q&A engine is 15 years old. Founded in 1996 as Ask Jeeves by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen the company has launched a special social site to celebrate its birthday and review events of the past 15 years — Here’s a brief recent history of Ask: July 1999: Ask Jeeves goes […]

  • Microsoft Buys Skype For $8.5 Billion, Now What?

    Over the past week there were rumors that Google and Facebook were both interested in buying Skype. Then Om Malik reported that Microsoft was really the one interested and the Wall Street Journal confirmed yesterday that Microsoft would be paying a remarkable $8.5 billion for the company, making it Microsoft’s largest acquisition to date: At […]

  • Google Readies Cloud Music Without Record Company Blessing

    It was almost exactly a year ago that Google briefly demo’d a cloud-based music service for Android that also allowed users to stream their iTunes libraries to Android handsets (see video below). That service was supposed to launch before holiday 2010. However there have been numerous stories chronicling setbacks in Google’s efforts to launch its […]

  • YouTube Declares Intention To Compete In On-Demand Movie Rentals

    Google’s YouTube today announced plans to add around 3,000 movies for on-demand rental on its service, effectively declaring its intention to compete with Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. While YouTube has largely been known for quirky independent fare, the new content will include well-known flicks from major studios, including classics like Caddyshack and new releases like […]

  • Google Goggles Gets Upgrade On Android Devices

    Google has announced a trio of updates to Goggles, its visual search tool that analyzes mobile photos and provides (hopefully) matching search results/information about the image. Since the search results don’t always match the image — “visual recognition is still a complicated task,” Google’s blog post explains — one of the upgrades involves a way […]

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  • Beyond Blog Posts – A Guide to Innovative Content Types – Producing great content is a high ROI activity. Too often however I see people focused on producing individual pieces of content aiming to get links and attention. Putting together a content strategy requires much more than a single piece of content – it requires a vision and strategy for how you're going to publish your content, why type of content you will be publishing, how your audience will engage with it and so on and so forth.
  • How to Use Advanced Segments in Google Analytics to Isolate SEO Problems [Tutorial] – Nothing makes me happier than matter of fact tips on how to better implement analytics to impact SEO. A must-read if you're not familiar with the idea of isolating things like non-branded traffic.
  • Some Websites Hit by Panda Can't Buy Google AdWords Ads! – Aaron Wall discusses an incident where a site effected by the Panda update is not allowed to partake in Google Adwords program.
  • Microsoft to Announce Skype Acquisition – ATD reports they expect the announcement about the closed deal early Tuesday morning. According to a source, Skype will be integrated into MS Windows Live, and the deal seems to have close ties to Nokia's approach to regain lost market shares in partnership with Microsoft.
  • Google Panda Update – Google’s Content Guidence and Jim’s Take. – Another Panda Round: Jim B. breaks down the recent comments from Google re: Panda as only Jim can!
  • Coldwell Banker on How Online Video and the iPad is Powering its Business – Make no mistake about it. As the cost of producing quality video goes down (to zero in some case, when it's user generated) this medium will become a crucial weapon in the online marketing arsenal.
  • Facebook 'shaping the way news is read' – Social networking site Facebook is influencing what news gets read online as people use it to share and recommend content, new research shows.
    The study on the flow of traffic to the web's 25 largest news destinations was released today by the Pew Research Centre's Project for Excellence in Journalism.

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