• mikerhodes

    Hey Fred, problem on line 169

    date_range = “”+Utilities.formatDate(dateArray[i], “PST”, “yyyyMMdd”)+”,
    “+Utilities.formatDate(toDate, “PST”, “yyyyMMdd”);
    not sure how to fix it :)

  • Jerome Lille

    I don’t have the script (beta) item on the menu. I work on the french version of Adwords. It has been release only in the US ?

  • http://www.lauryanfeijen.nl Lauryan Feijen

    Hi Jerome,
    you have to be added to the beta, ask your Google rep. It’s definitely available outside the US (we’re using them in the Netherlands).

  • mikerhodes

    Do I have to have the double quotes at the start? If I get rid of “”+ it works fine… ?

  • mikerhodes

    Hey Jerome. I’m in Australia & we’ve got access here (with the Beta tag)

  • http://www.optmyzr.com/ Frederick Vallaeys

    Hi Jerome,

    As far as I know it should be available everywhere but it is a beta so you need to sign up for it and then wait for Google to add you to the list. My first account was added in a day but now I’ve been waiting over a week so sign up quickly to get into the next batch: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/mccscripts/

  • Annie

    I’m getting the same error! I tried getting rid of “”+ but that didn’t seem to work. Any ideas?