• nabeel

    Amazing write up Rebekah! One of the bests perhaps.

    But I am still looking for the pin point guidelines on writing Ad copies for RLSA. In addition to what you just mentioned here like discount offering / pricing strategy, there should be something out of the box which I could not explore as yet. Promo, pricing is something that we and our competitors have always been doing and now this pitching has reached to a limit where customer do not pay much attention to. “Complete your order” is one thing that I can test in coming days for my RLSAs but still not sure about it.

    Anyway, this article is awesome. Keep sharing knowledge, love it.

  • http://www.alanmitchell.com.au/ alanmitchell

    Excellent article Rebekah.

    According to Google (Engage Summit, August 2013), less that 1% of AdWords advertisers have tried RLSA, which is surprising considering how powerful it can be.

    I think the challenge is that advertisers are used to having 2 dimensions in PPC marketing: 1) you choose your keywords, and 2) you write your messages. RLSA adds another dimension: 3) audiences – which can be segmented based on cookie length, the pages visitors viewed, and any actions visitors completed.

    Considering we’re still a long way away from fully catering for the first two dimensions – keywords and ad messages (http://www.calculatemarketing.com/blog/techniques/the-australian-ppc-opportunity/), I can imagine that adding a 3rd layer makes it even more challenging.

    I’ve tried to explore some of the practicalities of RLSA, taking into account the minimum audience size of 1,000 (http://www.searchenginepeople.com/blog/3-steps-to-google-adwords-rlsa-success.html), although I think RLSA will evolve and become more common as best practices develop.