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Social Shorts: Twitter adds frequency caps, Reddit’s audience grows, Facebook buys Kustomer

Twitter enables frequency capping for all campaign types Advertisers can now control the number of times ads are shown to users with campaign frequency caps. The feature is available in ad group details for Reach, Engagement, Video Views, and Pre-Roll Views objectives by default. Why we care. Frequency capping will allow advertisers to tailor their […]


Social Shorts: Instagram pegs Reels and Shop, Pinterest’s engagement metric, TikTok’s size and more

Why Pinterest moved beyond CTR to understand ad engagement  Relying on a straight click-through rate metric to understand how ads are resonating has its shortcomings, explained Pinterest engineers in a blog post. Those shortcomings include not accounting for ad position bias, users’ Save or Hide actions and brand awareness objectives.  Instead, Pinterest explains, it developed […]


Social Shorts: Snapchat advertiser certifications, YouTube masthead ads go full CPM, more

Facebook Ads bugs unnerve advertisers Last week, more bugs beset a wide number of advertiser accounts and ads, causing temporary ad disapprovals and accounts being disabled. “This is the second widespread bug that we’ve seen impact Facebook campaigns in the last 4 weeks,’ said Zenia Johnson of 3Q Digital. Why we care. Advertiser frustrations over […]


Social Shorts: TikTok teams with Shopify, Commerce ads dominate Facebook, LinkedIn users top 722 million

TikTok jumps into social commerce with Shopify TikTok’s advertising division TikTok for Business announced a global integration with Shopify Tuesday that makes it easy for Shopify merchants to promote their products on the short-form video social network. The two companies also announced #ShopBlack to amplify Black-owned Shopify merchants on TikTok. Why we care. This marks […]


Social Shorts: Snapchat’s rising ARPU, Facebook’s moves on Nextdoor, Instagram’s age controls

Snapchat’s North America ARPU shoots up Snapchat reported revenues increased 52% year-over-year to $679 million and average daily active users (DAUs) increased by 18% year-over-year to $249 million for the third quarter of the year. One stat that stood out to us in particular was the average revenue per user (ARPU) in North America. Overall […]


Social Shorts: Pinterest users index high on gift giving, TikTok’s brand safety solution, more

Pinterest users are heavy gift shoppers Compared to other social media, Pinterest users are the top spenders on gifts and holiday shopping. That’s among the findings from StatSocial which looked at the purchases of millions of U.S.-based users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest. It found that Pinterest users spend 39.2% more on […]


Social Shorts: Facebook attribution change on hold, Instagram gets more shoppable, turns 10

Scratch that: Facebook’s 28-day attribution window lives, for now In response to advertiser feedback, Facebook will not move forward with a test to remove the default 28-day attribution window for advertisers. Gil David of Run DMG shared the news on LinkedIn, commenting “Facebook demonstrates that they do actually listen to advertisers.” He cited the company’s […]


Social Shorts: Snapchat reach campaigns, Facebook attribution change, TikTok downloads can continue

Snapchat pitches Platform Burst reach option for advertisers Snapchat is floating a new advertising offering called Platform Burst. The idea is to guarantee that “campaigns will reach at least 40% of their target audience 15 times” over a three or five day period, according to Digiday. Platform Burst campaigns can encompass different ad formats across […]

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