• http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Hi Brad, Excellent advice and options…I have personally found the “Phone number pools” method to provide the best value for our clients. Do you recommend clients with a certain PPC media budget implement these different types of call tracking? For instance, if an advertiser is spending $500 in media a month vs. $10,000? What are your thoughts on this? Thanks!

  • oxclove

    We use the dynamic number method in a slightly different way – often referred to as “Dynamic Number Insertion”. We can implement it in two ways – one with a proxy site, where a simple script replaces any instance of a phone number or image with a phone number with another chosen for that ad group – OR – that same script can reside on the main website.

  • Stupidscript

    Method 1: Tagged Phone Numbers
    Con: Different phone numbers have different levels of effectiveness.

    For example, in our company, we have found that 800-500-0006 is much more effective than 877-478-6378. When you use dynamic (or multiple, randomized) phone numbers, you are sacrificing efficiency, and fewer calls result when the randomized numbers are used than when “good” static numbers are used.

    Method 3: Code Identifiers
    Con: Introducing marketing to a business call.

    In our company, when the receptionist asks marketing questions, the conversion rate drops. Our business depends on client trust, and when the client is queried about marketing issues that really have nothing to do with their call, the trust level drops.

    Due to these two huge issues, we have not found ANY type of phone tracking system that does not result in lost business. Can anyone recommend any other type of system?

  • http://www.bgtheory.com Brad Geddes

    @stupidscript – in your case, I’d try to get them back to the website if possible.

    @oxclove – that’s a common model that is similar to some of the above systems. It’s very common to see that in the local search aggregator space. I believe voicestar has a product for 3rd parties to use, and some companies use it with proxy solutions to be able to track websites that they can’t change the actual code. However, with dynamic number generation, you still need to choose one of the above methods to track calls. Most of these systems have one phone number per company, but a larger one could use some confidence timestamping across accounts or a pool of numbers.

    @nickstamoulis – budget sort of depends on goals. If you are an aggregator, even for at $50/monthly product, you will probably have a call tracking number to show value and maintain the customer for the following year. I don’t think it’s just about spend, it’s about making worthwhile decisions. If you spend $1k/month in PPC, but sell a $10k product; and only sell one a day, it could still be useful to employ a more expensive tracking system because of the returns from that the knowledge you gain. If you have a low margin product and you don’t sell much online, then a cheaper solution is probably best.

  • http://www.russiansearchtips.com Verona

    Very interesting post! Thanks a lot for it Brad! Inspiring!
    I guess it is not only my opinion since I yesterday stumbled on its translation into Russian, published by some “PPC expert” the day after: http://bit.ly/2jKdDw (with no reference to the author of course =( ) I am running some Russian projects and study closely Russian SEO.. lots of these “experts” over there unfortunately..

  • Stupidscript

    Thank you, Brad. What do you mean, please? They’re on the phone … and … ?

    (Keeping in mind that asking marketing questions while they are on the phone results in a 10%-35% chance of losing the client. They are paranoid enough, when they call. We’re a criminal defense law firm.)