• rcampbell

    Great post. I’ve used “discovery campaigns” and then optimized from there. I love the idea of setting high performing sites in another campaign and adjusting bids.

  • http://fredperrotta.com fredperrotta

    The only issue with this approach is that you’ll see different performance metrics in the (presumably keyword-targeted) discovery campaign and the placement campaign.

    The reason is that the algorithm has no relevance to use for ranking the placement campaign, so the bid and CTR become more important. If your initial bid is too low, the placement will tank and CPCs will become prohibitive. Thus, you’ll likely have to bid higher in the placement campaign than in the discovery campaign resulting in different CTRs, CPCs, and CPAs.

  • http://triplelootz.com/ trenoult

    Worst than that. Sometimes you move a website from your discovery campaign in your placement one, and it purely stops working. No impressions! I have seen that a couple of times even if I use keywords in my placement campaign (same keywords that I use in my discovery one). Does it happen to you Brad?

  • http://www.bgtheory.com Brad Geddes

    I will sometimes see that a site doesn’t show in the placement campaign; this is generally because the publisher does not allow site targeting or the publisher has blocked your ad, etc. It’s rarely AdWords related; it’s usually more publisher related in how they have set up their AdSense account.

  • http://chileconmigo.wordpress.com/ Thomas Renoult

    Thank you for your answer Brad. I though of that, It happens a lot to me. So a publisher is happy to have unrelated ads running on his site BUT does not want targeted ads that can be useful information for its users.

  • http://joelvaldez.com joelvaldez

    Excellent post, it’s very important to optimize those placements found automatically, but why, why is it so important?

    Because the AdWords system always “discovers” placements that has nothing to do with your keywords theme. I have always found that when using contextual targeting 50% of the placements are wrong… So I Wonder, is this on purpose? Or is Google (know for is relevancy accuracy) incapable of targeting more accurately? Who knows… In the meantime either the first system you described or the Google Analytics integration are both good options to optimize your placements. Other tool I would add to this is the Ad Planner, which based on audience we can find very good placements.