• Pat Grady

    “The next problem was matching keywords to queries.” Ouch, too common!
    “97% of the revenue in the account came from
    brand terms.” Ditto!

    I like that you switched the planed topic, hammers home a great point – you can’t do advanced tactics well, unless the basics are rock solid.

  • http://www.simplyclicks.com/ David Burdon

    David, I’d agree with much of sentiment around structure. I see poor account structures on a regular basis. I may disagree with single keyword ad groups. I’ve found ad groups with tight clusters of 4-6 keywords function quite well.

  • Adrian Huth

    the big issue with SKAGS is recently I found out that Phone extensions only show up if that ad group gets enough impression share. This typically hasn’t been an issue on National campaigns but for local driven campaigns this has been a huge problem. I’ve explained to Google that SKAGs has always been the best practice to match up ad copy and the google rep agreed saying that he will take this feedback to internal. Currently, and sadly, the only fix is to do exactly what the article says not to do so keep this in mind before redoing the entire account structure.

  • David Rodnitzky

    Thanks Pat. Inspiration often comes from unexpected places!

  • David Rodnitzky

    Hi David, 4-6 keywords can certainly work! My main point is that all the keywords in an ad group have to work well with the ad text and the landing page that you are using in that ad group!

  • David Rodnitzky

    Interesting observation Adrian. If you have a query on exact match and are bidding significantly for that query, shouldn’t you show up very highly for the exact match impression share for that query? Or are you saying that Google’s algorithms don’t have enough data to go on to even allow the SKAG to enter the auction?

  • Adrian Huth

    For the actual query the keyword being bidded on (in your example the exact match) would trigger the ad in the account. The problem is that phone or call extensions only show if the ad group has reached a certain threshold of impressions. I explained to the rep that this should be on the campaign level and he agreed but it still leaves us who have clients who value call conversions and that extension showing in a dilemma between an account structure you mention (which I agree with) with very few call extension impressions and an account structure not optimal by being forced to stuff ad groups with many different keywords in order to boost the impression share so that call extensions will show. Like I mentioned I only have this problem with more localized campaigns with clients that value phone conversions over other types. It’s very frustrating though.

  • Delve Partners

    Did you make them more money or just spend lots of time working on the account?


  • Regina Zaltsman

    yes, Adrian, the call-extentions will normally arise after at least 50 impressions

  • Adrian Huth

    right which when locally targeted isn’t enough to show call extensions. This needs to be changed from ad group to campaign and this wouldn’t be as much an issue.

  • Herik Mourão

    Campaign structure is the first step to any optimization. Without a good campaign structure, any bid manager can work properly or any creative optimization could make sense.

    How far the campaign structure should go??
    THat´s the kind of question that separate men from boys.