• Doug Powell

    Turning on the email machine in the morning and having adwords generated reports ready for me – makes my inner nerd happy.

  • Larry Kim

    nice list, sam!

  • Bhushan

    Great work Sam

  • http://adclickbooster.de/ Steven Ruesch

    Hey Sam, that is a very nice list that you prepared. Do you know how we can apply automated tasks for all accounts in our MCC? For example, I would like to be sent an email whenever a customers account has no impressions within a certain period of time.

  • Sam Owen

    Hi Steven,

    Unfortunately, I don’t know a way to do this at an MCC level yet. It might be that for now, you just have to create this email alert in each account and then have it as part of your new customer onboarding process.

  • Sam Owen

    Thanks Larry!

  • Sam Owen

    Thanks Doug – definitely a huge timesaver for me.

  • Sam Owen

    Thanks Bhushan!

  • Stephen Reilly

    I laughed when I read Honda. That is a nightmare brand for negatives; generators, quad bikes, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, outboard motors, balloons, motorbikes, hovercrafts… They just make everything.

    The worst thing is many searches are for just model numbers, CBR650F for instance. I’ve gone as far as getting all of their inventory lists and still users slip through.

  • Steve Cameron

    Great article – there is real gold in here.

    I too have used automated rules to hit the sweet spot for ad position – really useful – but you do need to put a lowering rule to check – otherwise they can creep up – but well worth the minimal set up time…

  • Sam Owen

    Model numbers are the worst for Honda – trying to find a list of every lawnmower, snow blower, bike model number can be kind of a pain.

  • Sam Owen

    Thanks Steve – definitely agree with having a lowering bid rule to keep things in check.

  • http://www.nateschraderideas.com Nate

    Great stuff Sam. I’m happy to see someone giving actionable, helpful tips with real-life examples rather than just a news article stating what’s possible. Keep it up!