• Larry Kim

    Matt – are you a veteran?

  • Matt Van Wagner

    No, Larry, but I like to do my part to honor those who have served and have been playing trumpet (bugle) for American Legion ceremonies for the past 40 years. I also serve on the board of Building Dreams for Marines, (www.buildingdreamsformarines.com) a non-profit here in NH that assists NH based Marine veterans who have physically-limiting conditions by providing life-enhancing modifications to their homes. We’ll add ramps, widen doorways, redo bath and living spaces – whatever it takes to help them live more comfortably in their homes.

  • Barb Young

    Hi Matt – great post. Thanks for re-introducing me to macros!
    I’ll share a tip that saves us time every day in Google Analytics using the “Shortcuts” feature. One of our lead gen clients has unique ‘confirmation’ urls that we analyze almost daily based on the associated Campaign and City.

    Here are our time saving steps for this and other frequent Content reports 1: Content>All Pages, 2: Apply a filter for “confirm”, 3: Select Advanced Segment for “Paid Search Traffic”, 4: Select Pivot Table icon, 5: Set “Secondary Dimension” as Campaign, 6: Set “Pivot by” as City, 7: Set “Pivot Metrics” as Unique Pageviews.

    To eliminate the need to constantly recreate these steps, we then click the “Shortcut” button above the metric graph and save the report as “PPC Leads Pivot Table”.

    Now, all we have to do when we want to run the report is to select the report from our Shortcuts in the “My Stuff” area and we have our instant report with segment and filter intact. Shortcuts are also huge time savers for our Ecommerce client reporting.

    Last thought: Custom Reports – can’t live without them and save us a bundle of time and effort every month when we need quick access to complex combinations of filtered data.

  • Matt Van Wagner

    Excellent tips, Barb, thanks! Definitely great way save keystrokes and save time.

  • http://twitter.com/sammmer Sam Mazaheri

    Great post Matt. I haven’t used macros nearly as much as I should…

  • Matt Van Wagner

    Thank you, Sam. They are exacting to create, but once you get your macro game on, you can do most recording on the first try, and there are so many ways to use them. Good luck!

  • Eivind Otnes

    The beach sounds tempting! Anyone that know of any good resources for learning how to create macros?