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    this: “aggregators … are making their content visible to people who would have never seen it before”

    that’s the reason i can’t understand why the news sites have a problem with “free” publicity – trust me, i would NEVER go to bloomberg or national geographic, not to mention foreign press outlets

    but bloggers/aggregators find their stories and make them “visible” to me — i appreciate that

  • Simon

    You have opened an interesting area and one that I am very interested in. The site I manage is part of Google News, and we are a generalized news and reviews site. Yes we sometimes follow popular stories, although we opted not to get embroiled in the Bin Laden one. Generally we post about more unusual, but still important ones. We often follow a story for many months, then something will happen to bring it to the spotlight. AP releases an article, and dozens of other news sites do a copy/paste. There is duplicate content yet because of the sites ‘importance’ they are the ones that populate the all important ‘front page’.

    In many situations there will be duplication of information, it is the nature of the news world. Many organizations for example will use the same quote. It can not be avoided. If a serial killer is arrested and says “I did it”, everyone and their dog will use it, that is ‘fair use’. But where does ‘fair use’ and duplicate content enter the picture?

    I am not in the SEO world, I am merely a writer of news and reviews content. I really wish that Google would be a little more forthcoming on the Google News mechanism. Most SEO sites seem to focus their attention on advice for sites of a commercial nature. So, change hats for a while and give us some thoughts about Google News.

    Thanks, and great article.

    Simon Barrett

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