• Darren

    Very important pieces of information! Now that Google has rolled out recent interface changes like (http://www.chatmeter.com/google-local-changes-requiring-greater-review-management/) and launched Hummingbird, the emphasis is being put on the breadth of your website. Correctly utilizing social channels is an asset for the way local search is trending.

  • http://www.gennextmedia.com/chris-marentis Chris Marentis

    Thanks Darren…great way to sum up!

  • Peter Watson

    Some really good points that all small business owners need to consider. Reminds me of another article here

  • Emily Hunter

    Content Content Content. That’s one of the drives for having a great site and a great social media experience. To be able to bring great content is the key, I’m thinking, no matter which platform is chosen. With the need to raise the bar to escape the noise, it becomes imperative.

  • barbara198

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  • Search South

    I guess there’s also a question here, for small businesses, about the amount of time that they should dedicate to social media. How is the impact of social media monitored? Would time be better spent in other areas?

    I think we can all appreciate that, when done well, social media can offer a real boost. When done badly, however, it can simply be a drain on resources.

  • http://www.ferreemoney.com/ Neil Ferree

    The recent flurry of “vanity” URL’s being awarded might help the SMB with their branding issues but the question still remains; Personal Page or Business Page?

  • http://www.SelfEmployedKing.com/ Mike Kawula

    This is an awesome summary.

    If you had to pick just one platform to focus on for a local small business to start, Facebook or Google.

    Enjoy the weekend.