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    Wesley, thanks for the article. My biggest surprise is that SMBs reported Facebook as their 2nd choice, even though Facebook enabled starred reviews just this past November (perhaps facebook was a multiple choice answer). Another surprise is with Yelp “ranking” 5th after Angie’s List, given that it is one of the most popular review site across all verticals, I would expect it to be closer to the top.

  • kevin

    what exactly do you mean by “Facebook Reviews”. Do you mean comment sin facebook? Whenever I do a business review serach I’ve neevr seen a FB review popup ??

  • Feefo

    Great article Wesley!

    I particularly like how you’ve expressed that reviews are ultimately, another method of engaging customers. The majority of businesses now have some kind of social strategy, but far fewer directly include reviews as a part of this.

    There is one notable omission from the article, and that’s the possibility of using a Google content partner such as Feefo to collate customer feedback. Because our ratings and reviews are both verified and gathered by email request, you can be sure of a few things.

    1. The majority of happy customers are provided a voice. Social media and passive review platforms are often disproportionately populated by people that have had a negative experience. Those that were satisfied are less likely to go out of their way to comment on the transaction. You will generate far more reviews by actually prompting customers at an appropriate time than you would any other way.

    2. Merchants can generate Seller Ratings in Google paid search results, highlighting them as a reputable store right at the beginning of the sales funnel. Read more here https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2375474?hl=en-GB

    3. There are no fake reviews! This is especially important for small businesses, due to the disproportionate role that negative feedback (real or not) can have on a business that doesn’t already have many other reviews.

    4. Feedback is provided in an easily-measurable format. Being able to analyse trends across point of sale, individual products and supplier can provide valuable business intelligence. This is not always possible when faced with a huge amount of strictly qualitative data.

    5. By providing an impartial third party to collect your feedback, you underline your commitment to customer service.

    Nick Whitfield

  • Scott Davis

    Yelp ranks so low because of the issues SMBs face with fake negative reviews, fake positive reviews & yelp suppressing reviews.

    If you pay yelp, they’ll show your good reviews. If you don’t, good luck.

  • earnmybusiness

    I was always a little skeptical of that, but as a Digital Marketer for SMBs, I have to agree with you.

    Yelp in my opinion, is a questionable organization when it comes to what reviews show and what reviews are hidden.

    I have seen this time after time with clients, as well as non-clients that i am analyzing. I see one star reviews with little review history showing on the main listing, while 4-5 star reviews from seasoned reviewers are stuck on the hidden page.

    I had one client contact 5 legitimate satisfied customers over a 30 day time frame and every review was hidden, yet the 1 star review from someone they could not even verify as a customer, remains.

    What a shame!