• http://www.cpcsearch.com Terry Whalen

    Hi Brad, it looks like Google is enforcing a rule that sitelink destination URLs need to point to unique pages rather than the same landing page of the ad. At least in our recent experience, it’s still a good idea to use sitelinks for additional ad “real estate” and to extole or emphasize benefits, etc., but be aware that if your sitelinks all point to the same page – especially if that page is the same one used in the primary ad destination URL – your sitelinks may be disapproved.

  • http://triplelootz.com/ trenoult

    Hi Brad, thanks for the post. Regarding extended headlines, you mean that everytime you add a punctuation mark to your description line 1, ad will be shown with the longer headline? I thought, doing this will only increase the chance for your ad to appear with a longer title as It is explained in this Google Post http://adwords.blogspot.com/2011/02/longer-headlines-for-select-ads-on.html

  • http://www.bgtheory.com Brad Geddes


    Yeah – Google has been enforcing that for a while now – it’s in their rules for sitelinks. I’ve tried #anchor links; and that use to work; but Google is starting to disallow them overall. I’ve had them approved when there is a jQuery involved so that most of the page’s content appears different; but overall, it only sometimes works.

  • http://www.bgtheory.com Brad Geddes

    trenoult – technically, I believe you’re correct. However, I don’t have any accounts where its not working 100% of the time. I think its pretty much a given for everyone (I could be wrong) that extended headlines work if the ad is formatted correctly.

  • tomfurton

    Provided your Ad Rank is high enough for above-the-organic-results placement, correct? It seems like space restrictions would preclude the extended headlines from triggering in the right column…which is probably something I picked up from you elsewhere. You’ve been a heckuva resource for me in my first agency job, Brad!

  • http://www.interactiveh2o.com Catherine

    Thanks, Brad! The tips for extended headlines will be put to use immediately.
    We have been using the display URL for increased copy space and it works very well. Sometimes people do not know what they are looking for and that it is related to another product or service found on the same page. Rather than add additional pages, we can reach a larger volume of potential clients by appealing to their query, rather than the specific service or product of the client.

  • atn.pradhan

    Hello Sir,

    It is very good article about PPC. But I don’t little agree about this point – Remove Prices & Ad Discounts

    I think, it depend industry to industry, if we talk about real estate industry showing price in ad copy does a crucial factor for quality leads… Because if we have a flat worth of $140000 for sale than we can not afford a customer who has the budget $100000 only or less than it, so if we want a quality lead then we will have to show the price in ad copy!

  • Laura Lewis

    Thanks for the great post Brad. Can you clarify something. In your paragraph about “Test For Yourself” you mention

    “I recently saw an account where when the word ‘free’ appeared in an ad, their ads had a lower CTR than if they focused on experience or value. Removing all instances of free from the ad copies and switching the value proposition to experience raised both their CTRs and their conversion rates.

    The next day, I was working on account in a very similar industry and when the word ‘free’ appeared in the ad, their ads had a much higher CTR and the same conversion rates as the other ad types.”

    What are you saying here? In your 2 examples? Is it better to NOT use Free? Or are you saying it works differently for different people?

    Laura (^o^)y