• http://www.barrieadams.co.uk Barrie Adams

    Win for local search optimisers.

  • http://www.RandMediaGroup.com ryanevans

    dexKnows is pretty unimpressive and has zero brand recognition when it comes to local search. i have never heard anyone one say..”oh yeah i just went to dexknows.” i’m curious to know how the industry plans to compete with google and the million other companies that are going after local search (and doing a better job).

    the only thing going for the YP industry is that it has a significant local sales force and current relationships with local businesses. the problem is that local businesses are realizing that the ROI on traditional YP is turning negative and they are jumping ship. this trend is accelerating in this economy. when local businesses flee, they don’t look to the YP for online solutions. you don’t hear about anything on dexknows, you hear about it on facebook, twiiter, yelp etc. and more importantly you don’t “dexknows it” you “google it.”

  • http://www.HelloMetro.com clarksc3

    We typically do not get coverage by major news but here is our story. HelloMetro is eight years old and with over 4 million uniques visitors a month, we have been doing HyperLocal for years. We actually have the copyright on HyperLocal. We have allow visitors to drill down and search at the neighborhood (or Zip) level for over a year.

    We now have over 15 writers (50 by year end) in various cities covering Hyperlocal events, attractions and new. We use Journalism graduate and former Newspaper reporters to do the stories.


    Thank you,
    Clark Scott
    CEO, HelloMetro Inc.

  • Matt McGee

    I just gave a presentation on hyperlocal blogging at SMX West last week, showing some of the successes my wife and I have had in getting local search traffic to real estate blogs on extremely long-tail local queries. There is a huge opportunity here, I believe. I’m not sure the TV & newspapers are gonna be able to take advantage of it, unless they can get people down in the trenches to give them content. I think the jury is out on that.

    Clark – would be glad to make a connection with you and chat further on this. Reach me via HyperlocalBlogger.com if interested.

  • http://www.frankthinking.com FrankReed

    Does anyone else have trouble with the 34% number using search engines for finding information? The Center for Media Research just put that number at 82%. I realize that is for all searches (not just local) but I suspect that those numbers can’t be that far off on the local level. I am willing to be wrong on this but the disparity seems kinda large to me.

    I suppose, too, I have to look at this whole post with the knowledge that it was written by a representative of the Yellow Pages Association and take if from there.

  • http://www.RandMediaGroup.com ryanevans

    FrandReed…exactly. I smell some funny numbers.

  • http://www.thedeets.com edkohler

    Dexknows search sounds great in theory, but falls flat in practice for me. For example, I searched for [dry cleaner longfellow minneapolis] on Dexknows. This provided two duplicate results in the top 4 results and 5 of the top-9 are more than 10 miles away from my home. This makes no sense since I live smack dab in the middle of a 2,000,000+ population metro area where dry cleaners are everywhere.

    Essentially, I have no confidence in the results.

    And, as you can probably expect, Google does a better job with the same search.