• Larry Kim

    “where is the middle ground between high resolution targeting and manageability of your paid search effort?” It’s a good question. The benefit from more granular/targeted segmentation can be offset by an increase in account complexity (which in turn creates increased account management issues). Where’s the middle ground? I think it depends on your budget. If you’re spending millions of dollars / month on paid search, then you’d better be taking advantage of every possible segmentation option available. Where as if you’re just spending $500 / month, then a lot of this is overkill.

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com/ George Michie

    Great write-up, Benjamin. Finding this balance is really important. Much of it comes down to the incremental management cost versus the incremental benefit from the granularity.

  • Ophir Cohen

    Very good stuff. I think you missed an important architectural issue and that is the use of many accounts for really large scale activities. This added complexity (admin, budget, pixels etc) but enables you to deploy another segmentation tier for example one account for mobile one for desktop and the rest of the segmentation stays inside the accounts.