• Pat

    Note to others, auto responder worked as promised, link to multiple tools download page. Bravo Zulu.

  • http://www.StoneTemple.com Crosby Grant

    Working on a suggestion to add a column to track the number of characters entered so far in the ads section. We’ll release it in a few days after we run a round of QA.

    On another note:
    Are there any tools you would like to see reviewed in this column? We’d love to hear from you – please feel free to shoot me a note.

  • thomas delafosse

    Thanks Crosby,
    Pretty amazing tool indeed.
    I am tweaking it to extend the number of campaigns and adgroups on the file, and perhaps add sitelinks as well. I am also working on doing the opposite macro: populating the template from the adwords editor export.


  • http://www.rodsblog.co.uk Rod

    Great read and a great tool. Been developing something similar internally, just for Adwords at the moment, until Adcenter releases a mac version of its desktop tool. ;-) Cheers!