• Radu

    In the mobile bid example I believe that the desktop bid should be $3.75 to reach the desired $15 on mobile. All because is +300%

  • http://www.andykuiper.com/ Andy Kuiper – SEO Analyst

    I like that you can;
    …now control ad extensions by ad group
    …do bid changes by geography

  • EVEMilano

    geo bidding <3
    less mobile targeting :'(

    btw…very nice article:simple and clear!

  • Kevin Chamberlin

    Brad, great post
    a very good argument that makes it much simpler to make a decision I think.
    Again showing Google might have thought through this more than first thought.
    And as I am sure there are many out there doing deep mobile only accounts. I
    have done many of those that only a small niche market thrived. Like mobile app
    stores or say a road side assistance company. I believe the majority of
    accounts are less mobile dependent then are and that is why they did this. Even
    though I think they should give the option to opt in or not, and that would please all.

  • http://twitter.com/JBGuru Jeremy J Brown

    “I work on some accounts where tablet clicks are much more valuable than desktop clicks. I work on some where they are about the same. I work on others where tablets have been disabled as they are so much worse than desktop clicks.”

    Agreed. I’ve seen the same thing for a number of accounts.

    Separate bidding for tablets is a big missing piece. Hopefully Google will rectify that before the forced shift over to Enhanced Campaigns. Their defense and reasoning behind grouping them was very weak in their 1st webinar on the topic.

    Tablets are desktops are similar, but not the same. Many advertisers see significant differences in performance and should be allowed to bid appropriately.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbara.young.524381 Barbara Young

    Great breakdown, thanks. I love much of what enhanced campaigns deliver.

    But, what really irks me is that we have no choice – eventually, as the big notice in our AdWords accounts indicates:
    This campaign will be upgraded to an enhanced campaign in a few months.

    Why not give us the choice to upgrade when it makes sense, and “hold” when it doesn’t make sense? Google is becoming just like Big Brother in thinking that “they know what’s best for us”. Gaaar.

  • http://twitter.com/JesperSato Jesper Sato

    Sitelinks for adgroups have been wanted for a long time so i greet it very welcome. Often huge changes will affect things in both ways, and not all will like it. However the downsides with the mobile might force Google to make a few “hotfixes” before they launch it permanently. Article hits spot on. Let´s see if there will be any changes in the near future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pamela.garronolson Pamela Garron Olson

    I have experienced 2 bugs so far and reported them to Google – iPhones have the text in the Mobile Preferred ads cutting off and the Sitelinks are reports are not counting the clicks on each sitelink as promised.

  • Justin Sous

    I’m holding off for the most part just in case AdWords makes the decision to change it to an opt-in feature, like they did for ad rotation.

  • Paul Isaac

    … and you definitely upgraded the sitelinks to the new format? Because the old ones will carry forward but not split the reporting.

  • Daniel Kugler

    We will loose the option of running “mobile only” campaigns. How is this an enhancement?

  • http://twitter.com/GnosisArts Gnosis Media Group

    Me too

  • bluegirlredstate

    This is a mess. Campaigns set up with a CPA instead of CPC have no control over how much they spend on mobile. Major oversight on Google’s part – I’ve live chatted and spoken by phone with them today and they’re at a loss.

    The truth is, mobile coverts poorly and Google wants to force us to throw money at it anyway.

  • bluegirlredstate

    It’s an enhancement for Google’s bottom line, that’s how.

  • http://twitter.com/PHPmoz PHP Moz

    Mobile does not convert at all for my sites and tablet does so incredibly well. I hate losing control of how much I can bid for each device I am targeting. Lumping all devices into a single campaign is a foolish way of targeting especially when conversions are vastly different for each device. Filling out forms on a mobile device is a horrible experience anyway you cut it, so it makes sense tablets convert much higher. Google needs to understand that.

  • Chris Oliver

    I too see this ‘enhancement’ as a retrograde step although its great to have ad group sitelinks and CTR data. However if the call ad extension is enabled the tel number now appears on the desktop ads pushing the extended title text to below the display url (where it used to be). We’ve tested this and found the CTR% is much lower when the phone number is displayed (on desktops). Logically even if there’s a number displayed won’t people using a desktop click through to the site first? I’ve discussed this with Google UK and apparently ‘they’re experimenting’. Hopefully they’ll finish soon and address some of the shortcomings.

  • Matt

    This is a complete balls-up. There are so many scenarios where this approach DOES NOT WORK. For example changing your bids PER KEYWORD. You have to now setup separate campaigns unless adjusting your bids by a percentage happens to cover all keywords (unlikely). Also guess what happens when your mobile ad is approved and your desktop ad isn’t approved, thats right, your moble ad shows on desktops meaning wasted clicks while you wait for your ad to be approved! This is really quite frustrating as it worked perfectly well before.