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Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: Schmidt: Forcing Carriers To Provide “Clean” Android Would Violate Principle Of Open Source One of the disturbing things about the Skyhook Wireless lawsuit against Google is the allegation that Google made […]

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Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Schmidt: Forcing Carriers To Provide “Clean” Android Would Violate Principle Of Open Source

    One of the disturbing things about the Skyhook Wireless lawsuit against Google is the allegation that Google made Motorola drop Skyhook as a location provider, especially when Google CEO Eric Schmidt said last week that such restrictions would be “violating the principle of open source.” Schmidt’s comment came during a press lunch at the Google Zeitgeist […]

  • Czech Republic: Google Street View Invades Privacy

    Google’s Street View continues to face resistance, particularly in European countries where the service has more recently been rolling out. Today brings news that privacy officials in the Czech Republic are refusing to allow Google to resume capturing images with its Street View vehicles. According to a story in The Guardian, the Czech Office for […]

  • Google Wins YouTube Copyright Case In Spain

    Google says that it’s won a copyright infringement case in Spain over the uploading of copyrighted videos by YouTube users. Telecinco, a Spanish broadcast TV channel, had argued that YouTube is responsible when its users upload videos that infringed on the channel’s copyrights. According to Google’s blog post about the legal decision: The court rejected Telecinco’s claim, […]

  • Local SEO Tips For Franchise Operations

    Recently, a friend of mine who works in SEO called to pick my brain about why a particular business wasn’t showing up well online. The business, a Family Dollar Store franchise in Albuquerque, received an 8% customer reach score. When he searched on Google for “dollar store” in Albuquerque, the business did not show up on […]

  • Mapquest Advances ‘Open’ Strategy With Euro Sites

    Mapquest is continuing down its new “open” path with OpenStreetMap. Previously the AOL company announced an investment in the open-source mapping community and the creation of “Mapquest Open” a parallel, crowd-sourced mapping effort in the US and UK based on the OpenStreetMap data. Now that initiative is being expanded across Europe to France, Italy, Germany […]

  • PPC Testing Part 3: A Campaign Optimization Walkthrough

    In the first two posts of this series (PPC Testing Part 1: The Ground Rules and PPC Testing Part 2: Optimization Cheat Sheet), the basic rules have been set and you’ve learned some of the optimization points you have to work with in order to gain more efficiencies in your accounts. However, for […]

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Recent Hot Items From Sphinn, Our Social News Sharing Site:

  • Scumbag Alert: Domain Registry of America – Man, am I sick of getting spam snail mail from this place. I’ve been meaning to blog about this dishonest organization for quite awhile, so here’s my long overdue scam alert for the Domain Registry of America.
  • How To Fix The Facebook Like Button Bug – A serious flaw in the XFBML implementation of Facebook's Like button could damage your search engine rankings, play havoc with your website analytics and user experience. This post explains how the bug operates and suggests simple steps to resolve it.
  • I Sphinn SERPD, and I SERPD Sphinn – SERPD and Sphinn both get my vote, and here's why.
  • 15 Small Business Lessons from Richard Branson – Ann Handley sums up Richard Branson's keynote from a recent marketing conference where he spoke about big companies vs. small, branding, seeing things through your customer's eyes, social media and more. Lots of great lessons from one who knows what he's doing!
  • You’re Free to Go Home – John Andrews uses the sport of racquetball to make points concerning the "sport" of SEO.
  • The One Mistake Many CEOs Make About SEO – Surely all SEOs have had this conversation at some point in their careers! From the article, “…I said I wanted to rank for *this* keyword in particular. Why didn’t you include it on the list? You’re our SEO person and I’m telling you that we really need to rank for that one.”
  • The Ultimate Guide to Link Valuation – In depth look and steps to take when analyzing link value. From the article: How do you know whether or not to pursue a link? Is it the size of the dog in the fight or the size of the fight in the dog? It’s neither – it’s an assortment of varying factors that can help determine whether or not this site, now, can help your website shoot up the search engine rankings. To help you determine whether or not a page is worth its weight in acquisition effort, I’ve developed a flow chart to take you through the process I use to value a link.
  • How To Coax Social Media Insights From Google Analytics – Brian Massey: "For most of us, analytics software behaves like idiot savants: they can surprise us with amazing feats of calculation, but totally miss the social cues that the rest of us take for granted. So, it’s no wonder that analytics packages struggle to tell us how we are doing socially.
    As a follow-on to my column last month on measuring social media, I’d like to show you how I got Google Analytics to tell me how I was doing socially."
  • Aggregators: The Good VS. The Looters – Anyone who publishes a content has had to deal with being scraped, repurposed, and remixed. While it's easy to say all scraping is bad. there several beneficial ones, who benefit the users, and the site owners by aggregating topical traffic, and sending users onto the source.At the other end of the spectrum are re-bloggers who take source material distill it down to "soundbyte" style easily scan-able content, that in some cases get more traffic than the more in depth source material. There are lessons to be learned from looking at both the good and the bad sides of aggregators.
  • Dear Google…Stop Making Me Look Like a Fool! – Jill Whalen writes, "Anyway, Google, just let me know when you find an algorithm that really does reward the good stuff and not the bad. In the meantime, I'll keep telling people to make their websites be the best that they can be for their users so that there might be a few less horrible websites showing up at the top of your search results.But when they ask me whether my way works better than spamming you, I'll have to tell them the truth."
  • The SEO's Handbook – Resources For 1st Time SEOs – A nice, simply list of top blogs, news sites, forums, conferences and tools about SEO.
  • Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter Hashtag Game — Learn Social Media By Example – Why stick to the old methods of advertising TV shows when you could use social media to do the rough work for you? I am sure someone at thought about this and came up with the following plan: Integrate Twitter in a TV show and get the word out through buzzing tweeps!
  • Twitter To Provide Free, Real Time Analytics – How are your tweets doing on Twitter? To help you understand more, Twitter says it will be releasing new Twitter analytic tools later this year — apparently to everyone — and for free.

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