• http://www.forward.ph/ Lizel Wrighte

    Paul needs to realize that investing in an online marketing campaign can double his ROI. The problem is choosing the right person or company to that for him.

  • http://marwickmarketing.com/ Christian Thomson

    That’s great I hear this a lot from Small to Medium business owners. I had a hotel in the UK have their old SEO firm tell them if she cancelled her contract with them ($600pm) they would remove her from Google!?!?

  • svfoxhotmail

    Yes, and the one he ends up hiring is the good talker, shady, piece of garbage no nothing SEO guy. That is what they are all afraid of because they don’t know how to hire an SEO guy. So how do you get a brand name for your SEO business is the question. Then winning over businesses that will pay more than $350.
    And as for his app. HAAHAHHAHAHA. Good luck affording that !! Better learn to program then my friend. There are multiple mobile phone platforms you have to program for to start with.

  • http://www.changeworksmedia.com/ Trish Jones

    That gave me my Saturday morning laugh Andrew. Great article by the way and the very reason I believe you have to choose your market carefully. But when it comes down to it, the price you set will determine your market.

  • http://www.changeworksmedia.com/ Trish Jones

    “At that price range I would just expect to keep the lights on.” Exactly my sentiments. I see GOOD SEO people charging £35 – £40 for their services in the UK and I know it’s a) because they don’t know their worth and b) they have little concept about real business. The web mentality of “I can do all things for cheap,” isn’t necessarily the thinking for all SBO’s.