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    Amazing post!

  • http://www.bluemonkee.com Rick Miles

    Win-win is a great way to look at this. It’s not all about getting cheap rankings. It’s about providing a quality service to your client and ensuring that they end up in a position of strength.

  • http://www.mrryanconnors.com/ Ryan Connors

    Excellent post Jim. Content, SEO and user experience are so interrelated now that the process for improvement have to have alignment. Technical SEO, great content and a great design can all falter without the others.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JohnDeacon-iam/ John Deacon

    Great insight Jim. Consider also where Google is heading, considering their vision. It really is a race between man and machine as Google organizes information for human consumption. We have now seen this organization being influence by semantic relationships and soon semiotics will improve relevance even further. Let’s face it, getting ahead of the rapid changes would require an understanding of linguistics and natural language processing, adding a dash of artificial intelligence (thanks to Google hiring Ray Kurzweil)

    To eliminate confusion Google seems to be adapting to linguistics and using processing power to organize information that provides the answer accurately as if asked a question and an expert providing very relevant answers. Think Quantum Computing meets Artificial Intelligence. What will 2020 look like?

    Being very clear on your audience and coming from a perspective of authentic online presence will align you with Google; and aligning with Google will align your SEO automatically. Not to mention complete resonance with social platforms like Facebook.

    For those who want to practice some Whole Brain exercises, if you’re right handed then swap your mouse to your left hand for a few minutes a day and work your way to a few hours. Doing this simple exercise will help develop your creative right brain abilities.

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    Indeed. SEO and content marketer should go together. Now that the quality of the content is essential to keep the SEO campaign go on track.