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    Eric – thanks for the insight. Never thought about the realy menaing behind words like Link Bait which i use all the time. \Link worthy content\ a much better and more accurate phrase. Currently working on an Office Furniture site for a friend http://www.officecontracts.com and developing link worthy content proving a challenge but I am going to try an article template with the marketing team

  • Winooski

    For example, in March of 2008, money.co.uk wrote an article titled 13 Year Old Steals Dad’s Credit Card to Buy Hookers. According to Yahoo, this page has nearly 1400 external links, a nifty haul for a single article.

    Make that 1401 external links, now that you’ve linked to it (with no rel=nofollow attribute, even.)

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for linking out to any source that helps you make your point, but, in this instance, the page in question is being offered as a prime example of deceptive writing whose only purpose (as the author did not initially reveal that it was satire) is the generation of inbound links.

    You also linked to Money.co.uk’s apology as well as Jonathan Crossfield’s story about the article, so, in this instance, you probably really didn’t need to link to the original, “offending” post itself in order for your readers to get what it was about. I know the link itself is small beer, but I did want to point out that it’s incongruous with the message you’re trying to impart.