• Pat

    wonderful run down! funny, your number 1 & 2 items, often combine to form a serious issue for my clients (especially those using BC’s cart). if within the checkout process, a redirect goes bad / is bad, your eCommerce sales all show the referred as yourself. so sure, a page somewhere on the site’s front end can break the chain, but the good data, the who bought data, has pretty much the same pipe each time in the lower funnel. one of those pages (or cgi scripts) is busted, so is all your eCom data.

  • http://mklofurno mklofurno

    Hey Carrie – nice article – thanks for the tool – one for the delicious account.

    I think under “I am referring to myself”, I would offer the following. One of the big ways we often see that is when people open up things in a new window even if its still on the site. Now, I am sure that there is probably to configure it using event tracking so that it impacts the bounce rate [goes under the “bounces” section].

    I think this is crazy when they do it, but I have product managers that fight me tooth and nail on this kind of stuff. I also barely have the resources to implement GA across all our sites and so special customization of things beyond cross domain tracking [99%] of our sites use it and event tracking for links off the site, brochure downloads, video [standard kind of event tracking stuff].

  • http://www.blizzardinternet.com Carrie Hill

    Thanks Pat and mklofurno for your comments!

    I agree shopping carts and booking engines are the big pains with regards to analytics…there are lots of variables….with lots of fingers just itching to mess something up.

  • http://www.site-seeker.com Levi Spires

    Oh the pain! It’s like once a month there’s the realization that the data isn’t quite perfect.

  • http://www.diarywriter.com/ Koundeenya

    Whoa! I never knew there can be tracking problems too. Anyways good to know. Will start audit now