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    You make a lot of sense Jill. But how would you handle this situation? I have a site that is an informational site, and the business model is advertising driven, just like a magazine. Great site, lots of great content. A key SEO goal is to get as many visitors as possible, because that is the model. Sales and conversions do not apply here. Now, many slots in the top two pages of Google for the top key phrase are taken by spam artists, primarily through paid links (I have verified this), and, in one egregious case, through a recip links scam that creates the appearance, to search engines, of a bunch of one way links pointing to the cheating site. I do well in the long tail, but the top phrase is a real prize, and the cheaters are getting the rewards by cheating. I have reported the offenders to Google, but I don’t see much happening. By the time the engines fix this, the time for this site to succeed may well have passed, economically. I can’t keep putting hours in for ever, without appropriate recompense. So the spammers will have won, the consumer, and the quality site, will have lost.

    I am starting to believe that Google’s bluster about cracking down on paid links is just that — bluster. I see it being done everywhere in this niche I am talking about, with impunity. Sites I have reported, where the “paid link” factor is expressly noted on the webpage, are still doing great!

    It’s my personal feeling that the spammers are actually enjoying the upper hand right now in many niches, through a variety of techniques.

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    Roger, you make some good points.

    Personally, I don’t consider paid links to be spam, they are advertisements. How the search engines treat them is up to them, of course.

    As to having a site such as yours that is only after traffic, I don’t know what to tell you there. I really don’t like working with those types of site myself, because I am not comfortable with the goal simply being traffic. It definitely puts you in a weird position.

    Good luck with it!

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    “Unfortunately, our world seems to be made up of a large group of people that will take any system and exploit it for their own gain.”

    It’s a shame that some people just don’t understand the simple concept – We all do better, when we ALL do better.

    And it sucks to be the collateral damage of an algo tweak to bump spammers, which does happen on occasion.

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    “I don’t consider paid links to be spam, they are advertisements.”

    Spam is advertising. Spam pages generate traffic to products you’re selling, just like paid links generate traffic and to the link buyer and increase his site’s visibility in search engines.

    Paid links aren’t necessarily manipulative if the buyer pays for traffic and brand awareness, and don’t mind the nofollow. If the purpose of the link is also to nudge your position in Google SERPs, then the “paid link = advertising” argument is self-delusional, like Bill Clinton saying he didn’t have “sexual relations” with Monica Lewinski because he doesn’t consider blow jobs to be sex, they are like shaking hands or giving a foot massage.

    If you gotta cheat, either have the balls to admit it when you get caught, or do it so no one will ever know.

    What kind of bank robber wastes his time trying to convince the cops robbing banks don’t hurt anyone (money is FDIC insured)? Just rob the bank, get in your car, and drive away.

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