• Martin Pezet

    This is a great piece, a timely reminder that we need to share knowledge and best practices. However, saying we’re part of “inbound marketing” grates with me. Why is a phrase that no one in the wider marketing or business communities understand coming to prevalence? I don’t know any CMO’s or Marketing Directors who use this phrase.

    We’re a part of “marketing”, or “digital/online marketing”. These are phrases which people use and understand, let’s stop putting Search on a weird pedestal and integrate ourselves properly with all the other functions in marketing and business in general.

  • Brian Reagan

    Great article. I am a big believer in this. Our Dallas Ft Worth Search Engine Marketing group has been such a blessing to my career. That’s why I am so passionate about it and on the Board of Directors!

  • TomSchmitz
  • TomSchmitz

    I hear you. It’s lingo. People don’t really talk that way. Just like outside of NGOs, who says fund-development? Everyone says fundraising. I confess, proudly, I’m an Inbound Marketing advocate who wants to see it broadly recognized and accepted.

    One of the cool things about our industry, lots of smart people have different perspectives, and it’s not only taxonomy. I accept this as an indicator of vibrancy and fun. Let the chaos reign, as long as we provide accurate services and products.

    Here’s mine:

    SEO < Inbound Marketing < Web Marketing_____< Marketing
    _____________________ < Digital Marketing /

    I could break it down further with mobile, app store and lots of other stuff larger and smaller than SEO.

    For myself, this is fun. Differing perspectives offer opportunities for discussion, advocacy and evangelism. These lead to professional bonding and, if you're lucky, karaoke*. After all, it'd be boring if everyone thought in the exact same way.

    *Yesterday I went to a professional mixer that featured martinis, jambalaya and karaoke.