• http://www.noggindigital.com/ Zach Kasperski

    One of the better overviews on SEO and 2013, Tom. Great job! I really think link worthy and social media worthy content should be the focus of digital marketers in 2013. The engines will find more ways of validating kick-arse content, and I think we’ll start to see changes in how they value links.

    A lot of website optimization and search marketing companies harp on getting SMB websites more links to boost rankings. Sure, you need links – online public relations – to really boost rankings, but it’s the quality content that gets you the most authoritative links.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scubagary Gary R Beal

    Pinterest. I have been doing a bit of testing and of 130 Pinterest links I have done in the last 3 weeks 120 are showing on WMC back links. I have also seen a significant increase in mid-level competitive terms in the top 10. I have a screenshot on ppc-manager.blogspot if you want to have a look. This is only ONE block of sites I have tested and they are all different industries – but all are high revenue and competition. Online Gaming being one of them.

  • George Dushensky

    Good overview of how to think about SEO moving forward! I enjoyed reading about the “Go Enterprise” approach as it really hit home to a new site I’ve started. Thank you for the quality article, keep it coming!

  • http://twitter.com/adamlundquist Adam Lundquist

    NIce points. I am a huge fan of the move towards better content. I think it is good for the internet and good for our industry.