• http://twitter.com/markskon Mark Skoneki

    I’m a working journalist, and I find much of this advice to be wrongheaded. Journalists don’t have time to chat with the countless number of PR people who phone almost every day, especially in today’s always-on-deadline digital news world. My advice is this: Make your pitch about the idea and deliver it through email, which is readily available on most news organizations’ websites. It’s the IDEA that sells, not the approach to selling it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/emily.gersema Emily Gersema

    I think it isn’t the wisest PR move, either, in your advice on pitches to journalists to make comments like “Journalists are people, too” or “Journalists are like penguins.” I mean, would your wife or sister appreciate it if you said she is like a hippopotamus?