• http://seo-website-designer.com Tony

    For a long time I’ve thought reporting based on organic position is highly inaccurate and can be misleading because of all the other components in a search result page.

    I’ve started to report based on estimated clicks, which take into account all the universal search components, size, position etc.

    It’s still only a rough estimate and as you point out, looking at actual impressions/clicks is the best data when you can get it.

  • http://internetmktgexpert.blogspot.com/ Marciano Bantiling

    I always clear my Google history and turn off my pws=0 to find the exact rankings and be accurate on the Google result page.

  • http://seo-website-designer.com Tony


    That’s part of the problem. As an anonymous user you will not see what others see. You also can’t be all people, in all places, on all devices at all times and get a single result that is true.

    the best is you get a rough idea that you can compare to previous readings.

  • http://www.portent.com Tom Schmitz

    Exactly Tony, and with Search+ it is less likelier than ever you will see the same results others see.

  • http://www.indivly.com John Clark

    If I have a new mantra it would be 99% People and 1% SEO.

    I will rarely be checking my own rankings if at all and only be focusing on traffic reports.

    I also am getting my video hat back on after years of not editing/doing special effects to attempt crowd sourcing lifestyle programming.