• http://www.hazelnutfilms.com/ Peter

    Some good points, especially with the advice of not lumping smartphone and tablet users in the same ad group. My iPad is used for couch surfing, and my smartphone is only used outside of the house. My behaviour on each is very different.

    One other piece of advice I’d add is to ensure that any video content is tailored for the device in question. YouTube takes care of this for you, however if you’re hosting independently then just make sure that the format and bit rate are suitable for the audience. I’ve clicked on countless ads where the video was slow and clunky on my phone :-)

  • istaspi

    Great article. One comment: an easier way of tracking just tablet users in Google Analytics is to use a regexp that only includes screens bigger than 750 pixels. Your way works too but you may forget the name of a tablet and you always have to update it for new tablet names.