• http://www.gounder.co.in/ Alexander Gounder

    Though Google can crawl these menus, one may have two questions:
    a.) When you check a cached text version of the page you will not see the links showing up, further one cannot be very sure of how search engines may be using it.. Like with Flash, Search engines do cache flash file text, I had seen a snippet of text which was part of the header flash of client, in the SERP result, but I have no way to know if all the text is cached or if the links within are spreading juice..

    b.) what about the others, often corporate clients are more interested in large fancy reports than actual results, Though Google is a clear winner and provides 80% traffic clients still want you to go beyond Yahoo and MSN… an search engines like MSN which still take several weeks to cache a site.

    anyways such changes at Google are good to know, because it speaks volumes about why they are market leaders (hint to Yahoo & MSN)

  • BET_wayne

    In the sphinn article, an autor said, that they just cloaking ( reference to http://www.linkvendor.com/blog/google-und-javascript-menus-bislang-nur-cloaking.html ).
    As i see, its correctly. They cloak the menu to the search engines.