• http://www.linkedin.com/in/natewhite Nate White

    Great article Bryson, you always have good info when it comes to mobile.

    Can you expound a bit on the celebrity spokesperson content? What’s been done, what celebrities were used, what’s worked and what hasn’t?

  • http://www.brysonmeunier.com Bryson Meunier

    Thanks, Nate. Appreciate the feedback. As for the celebrity spokesperson recommendation, given that Lady Ga Ga, Justin Bieber et al are top search terms, a brand could align themselves with these celebrities in order to get more traffic from core search and mobile search. One brand that did it well was Funny or Die’s Justin Bieber partnership. He didn’t endorse it the way that he does Proactiv, but FOD is on page two for [justin bieber] in Google now, and probably getting a lot of traffic to their content. Proactiv, on the other hand, uses Bieber as an endorser, but has thin content on their Bieber page and is not really ranking for much related to him. It depends on the brand, of course, as having Justin Bieber play David After Dentist for laughs isn’t going to be appropriate for every brand; but if the celebrity fits the brand, aligning the brand with celebrities who get a lot of search volume could bring a lot of impressions and traffic.