• http://twitter.com/VandyKhamsay Vandy K.

    So two hours before your article was posted, there was another reaction to Matt Cutts video: “SEO is Going to Die More, Says Matt Cutts”

  • https://www.revolutionweb.com/ Roi Alon

    Matt cutts words on the first penguin release.
    April 24, 2012
    “We want people doing white hat search engine optimization (or even no search engine optimization at all) to be free to focus on creating amazing, compelling web sites.”

  • http://davidboozer.com/ David Boozer

    Nice post Mani, content and the interaction of that content will be the biggest role for any success online shortly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001780761402 Santhosh Kumar

    is “SEO is going to Die”

  • https://twitter.com/RizzoMB RizzoMB

    SEO and Social Media have generally become inbound/content marketing

  • http://www.mymobileinnovations.com/ Tasha

    Well Mani. SEO will dead or live, it’s vary person to person. One SEO guy who is doing all the tricks(black hat) which are not useful anyway for users, thinks SEO is going to dead. Another SEO guy who always believes in better contribution for users will always think SEO is an endless process and it will change according to user behavior, change in technology, geographical structure etc.


    As long as there are websites and as long as their is Google, SEO will never die…

  • http://www.seobooklab.com/ Ram Babu SEO

    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole story of Future of SEO, thanks Mani Karthik. Yes, SEO will never ever dead, It will become more smarter, refined and sophisticated, and of course Social is getting incorporated in the the search to provide more real time search experience which matters a lot.

  • http://www.suchmaschinen-experte.de/ Hans Braumüller

    Yes, our work as SEO will be more on levels how to structure onsite the information you want be found by people and offsite how to increase the relationships regarding the information yoo are offering. It is a relationship, that is the great demand to resolve, not only a signal taking from your refferals.

  • Munaz Anjum

    It’s really a treat to see a post from Mani post an article published in Silicon
    India that says that SEO is one of the skillsets that will no more get you

    I first disagree, and then agree with what Silicon India publishes. Similarly, I
    first agree, and then I disagree with what Mani puts his opinion forward.

    I ask Mani the following questions and convince me, and other users in the thread.

    1.If future SEO is socially driven, how we optimize a website to rank for good
    SERP? With growing trends of mobile users, they are mostly logged in, and keep
    chatting, checking mails, updating on FB, and tweeting throughout the day.
    Well, they are socially engaged. It’s true. What perplexes to me is how ‘we ensure
    that a particular keyword ranks’ if users on mobile devices are logged in? Google
    under SSL/HTTPS frequently tends to show personalized results. A couple of days
    back, Google has come up new content recommendation for mobile users. The
    content recommendation works for logged in users. This clearly shows that the
    users tend to get more personalized results behind secure log ins. Add to this
    apathy, Google never shows search queries ‘Not Provided’ in GA even if keywords
    for optimization purpose matter.

    2. The traditional algorithm of Google and its search results are primarily based on ‘Links’ from authority domains. This has been manipulated for years. Going social, and considering number of likes, re-tweets, +1d in G plus, users’ ratings and reviews look more convincing as a reference of quality site, for such site represents the quality content, and great users’ engagement. If social is not about shares, and likes, then how Google considers these as valid references for measuring the quality versus hype? Engagement in social media comes from metric like ‘shares’, comments in thread, ‘likes’, ‘re-tweets,’ etc. Do you believe the value of a START cast on advt you see on TV, and then make decision to buy a product or you read the reviews of a product, ask your peers, and then purchase decision? Social reviews, and recommendations based on likes, and shares are our Zero Moments of Truth (ZMoT). Not sure how SEO fits in ZMoT?

    3. Man is a social animal, and I don’t agree with you that social search will not
    always remain a parallel stream to “Web” search. The way Google is going,
    the way mobile users are searching under SSL, the way reviews, and likes
    matter, the way people search behavior across the devices is changing, the way ZMoT is evolving, the way psychographic mapping of users is changing, Google is changing its algorithm to value users’ recommendations and engagement more than valuing links from authority domains. If Google continues to value the traditional ranking algorithm, Facebook will change the whole search landscape. Google has no option bit to drop its legacy algorithm and care for more social signals. This is what Google these is doing. You should remember that Google no longer has a Search group. It’s now called “Knowledge.” Hence, SEO is dying month over month.

  • http://twitter.com/SobernSense Nikhil Deshpande

    Hi Mani,
    Great post!
    Your predictions appeal to my mind, especially the one which says ” Social search will not always remain a parallel stream to “Web” search, but will collaborate and merge at certain strategic points.”

    Merging of Social and Search at strategic points will “refine” the SERP’s more and more and give weight age to the best results.
    I beileve that SEO will not be dead but will “evolve” as search engines become more and more powerful.

  • http://in.linkedin.com/pub/ashvini-vyas/37/474/451/ Ash Vyas

    Neither Matt nor the video says SEO is dead. They have just mentioned what is expected in nearer future. And the video is just saying all those massive link builder who call themselves SEO will be dead, not the SEO or SEO industry. The people who use their brains will be there and get the top rankings, too. Each time Google comes with new algo, SEO people get the ways to deal with it. Even there is a video of Matt Cutt which mentioned that SEO is good and helpful to make your website search engine friendly. SEO is not just creating backlinks, somewhere it means guiding your clients and yourself how to be with trend and make your site compatible withe major changes like Panda and Penguin. Matt has just tried to say pull up your shoes and rush of your brains SEO guys there is a big challenge in upcoming weeks and you have to deal with it which not at all mean SEO is dead or going to be dead. It’s just that way of working will be change. In short SEO can’t ve dead ever because web is changing so rapidly and SEO is helping people who even do not have technical knowledge of search engines to come in limelight for their products to the world that ye s we are also the good authority people in particular marketing domain

  • http://in.linkedin.com/pub/ashvini-vyas/37/474/451/ Ash Vyas

    nop it wont.yeah but it is going to be more smarter work domain.

  • http://twitter.com/kenmcewan ken mcewan

    Surely SEO, as in search engine optimization, can only be dead if the search engines themselves are no longer relevant as a channel.

  • http://www.webgrowth.biz/ Neil Pursey

    Totally agree, as long as Google has an algorithm – there will always be SEO. How SEO looks is obviously always changing, so the industry shouldn’t panic. We just need to ensure we understand what Google is looking for in terms of ranking a website.

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    seo changes people

  • Paperlover100

    having social page is more effective, you can create groups, leave comments and look for millions of new clients

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    hay nice

  • James Simmons

    Sometime we think that SEO is dead because we do it but rank of our our sites is not improving. No it it not dead only system has changed. Now only bulk links have no capability to improve rank. Now the question is how to rank. We need to use latest method which good and other search engines told us. We must do more guest posting, article posting and social media. I mean more attention on content.

  • Working Nomad

    This article says nothing.