• Cynexis Media

    Cynexis Media offers SEO packages as part of our digital marketing services. We don’t list prices on our website, for many of the reasons you’ve listed before. Although we do have three general packages and price points, we still analyze each client’s website before offering a tailored package.

    If a company is looking to hire SEO services, I highly recommend they talk to past clients, not just current ones. Black hat SEO might trick newer clients into thinking a marketing firm is great. But if long-standing clients are satisfied, it’s more likely that the SEO team only employed white hat SEO practices.

  • http://www.salesscene.co.uk/ Sales Scene – Social Media

    We deal with the same problems at our social media agency. So many of our competitors offer packages, but on social one size does not fit all (not do the choice of 3 or 4 packages), all of ours is bespoke, down to the client, who they want to reach, how they want to engage and the content that they need!

  • WEW

    Great, article, I completely agree. We recently removed all pricing and packages, now it’s focused on goals/objectives and delivering results. Having an integrating digital strategy is what it takes: content creation, social and SEO. We don’t look at them as separate services or strategies, rather one in the same that all is connected and works together.

  • derekedmond

    Totally agree Cynexis Media – thanks for sharing your perspective!

  • derekedmond

    Thanks for sharing perspective WEW!

  • http://devedge-internet-marketing.com/ Kevin Clark

    Interesting article. I used to offer a strictly performance based option to my clients and no packages. Now, it’s the opposite – not that performance isn’t paramount in marketing.

    What happened is that this performance based service grabbed a bunch people with horrible business ideas or shysters who would just bilk my time with no hope of hitting the goals.

    Now, I’m finding a MUCH higher-class of client when I show them a comprehensive package of what my agency will do. Because it shows that I am providing long-term value to their business. If the results don’t follow – I get fired. But I haven’t ever had that problem since switching agency strategies.

    With that said, I am highly flexible within the packages. The goal of the package is to show them what I will do and how SEO/Content/Social Media/Web Optimization/Lead Nurturing all work together. And they work together to create business where it matters most to the client: sales.

  • http://www.conseaair.com/ John Brown

    There are many companies which provide SEO/SEM services. But what make company A different from company B is their performance report. Standard practices along with innovative ways to pull back-links are two deciding factors.