• http://www.facebook.com/sudha.rana Sudha Thakur

    Now this is what covers all about SEO and optimizing a website. All things served in one platter :-)

  • http://webdealswatch.com/ Ron Coachman

    Would love to see a case study of ‘too hot’ vs ‘just right’, to see the difference in rankings. 

  • http://twitter.com/emarketingseo Pravin Gupta

    Awesome Tips for Search engine optimization! ! This is apply for any type website Getting more traffic !

  • http://www.resg.info/ Anton Stetner

    Lol. This is just the rigjt blend of infographic, marketing and link bait. Goldilocks would be proud

  • http://gioseo.com/ Zhan Yun

    Quite useful for beginners

  • http://www.joseobar.com/ Jose Gil Tecson

    I think this is still great info, even after the penguin update last April 24. Thanks a lot for sharing this infographic. Just be honest to yourself, and you will know if you are spamming the web or not.